Increasing Testosterone Naturally With Supplements and Lifestyle (no TRT)


Some kind of intuitive logic tells me that if there's no environmental pressure to produce testosterone, then males will simply grow into these useless, undifferentiated, obedient, conformist, squishy, uncoordinated and usually slow-witted blobs that we're now seeing around us today. A consequence of excessive comfort, discouraged competitiveness in youth, no time in nature, lack of a strong male guiding force and spending too much time melted into your computer chair / in front of screens playing games or pornography. None of those activities promote testosterone and probably actively inhibit it, layer on some small doses of environmental estrogens and you'll just overwhelm the already frail and dysregulated endocrine system. I think staying away from what we know to be junk (all sodas, candy bars, processed food, seed oils, topical creams and lotions) is enough abstinence for environmental toxins.

I'm also of the belief that a healthy body / liver should be able to detox those things quite easily anyway with enough exercise, as long as you're not getting excessive chronic exposure. Not sure where i stand on plastics, and how much of an issue it is to be drinking out of them daily. Probably environmental chemical exposure causes an exaggerated response to an already weakened organism, would be interesting to see how much of an effect it has on the high T African countries. Also, late childbirth probably also plays a major overall role in all facets of general health....the child is simply weaker in all aspects, this usually comes with many major health defects: a huge burden -- a lower ceiling for potential and much less ability to tolerate stress and capacity to adapt -- these things matter alot and are probably mostly set in stone at birth.

Thanks to advanced medicine and prenatal care, these children survive past infancy (where they probably wouldn't have before) and are brought into this world in a compromised state because mom decided to give birth at 40+. They are much more likely to suffer health problems as a result and usually become dependent on the medical system for their entire lives. It's all incredibly dysgenic and taking us further away from natural beings and changing us into something else. That's definitely the worst part, because it really isn't the persons fault and is something they cannot ever improve...alas we are certainly not created equal, some of us are very privileged.
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