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This couldn`t be more fitting for the times that we are in...

“...This is one of the most urgent problems for civilized man. He has created civilization to give himself security. Security for what? For boredom? His chief problem seems to be that most human beings need a certain amount of challenge, of external stimulus, to stop them from sinking into the blank stare and blank consciousness of the idiot..."

Colin Wilson


This is a supplement to Dabney's treatise on conservatism.



Spanish philosopher Jaime Balmes:


Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Man, I've been thinking about stuff like this a lot over the past couple of days. Had a one-on-one with God tonight in which I confessed having many doubts and questions, but still have faith in Him regardless. I think that's really all we can do with our limited human capacity to understand.
The way I view evil is that without evil, man cannot perceive good.

I don't see God as a grand chessmaster, killing a father here, giving a son leukemia there, but instead having created a flawed world which has natural mechanisms of both good and evil, and that's just how things play out.

And the way we can rejoice in life, be thankful for our health, and enjoy the beautiful things here are by contrasting them when we hear stories of others pain, strife, and suffering. Of course, it's much easier to simplify it that way when I've been mostly spared from a lot of suffering and pain personally, but I do think that's a good bird's eye view unemotional explanation of things.

Thankfully, I've lived a pretty blessed life but to put one thing in context that is a part of my struggle (along with many men here): The years of solitude and falling in regards to women will only make me appreciate and honor my future wife that much more one day.

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Regarding most of the stories that are picked up in the media, I quote one of my favorite forum members, Leonard D Neubache (removed a few words to generalize the specific):

What would his guilt or innocence alter about the broader issue or the lives of anyone here?

Nobody here is going to be compelled to do one thing or the other regardless of what the details ... turn out to be.

He turns out to be innocent...

OK, now what?

He turns out to be [guilty].

OK, now what?

The media demands you take a stance on this, one way or another, because it puts you in opposition to people you will never speak to or even meet. They want you getting into fights with people on social media that achieve nothing but to foster spiritual dysfunction, because all of this at its root is about fostering spiritual dysfunction. Opening back doors to demonic infection.

The correct response to whether the [event] was justified or not is "I don't have a compelling reason to care, about this event or any of the other thousands of horrible things that happened on that particular day of the week, may God have mercy on the souls of everyone involved."

Make the decision to do what it takes to live somewhere where you don't need to put bars over the windows on your house. Then remove these silly dramas from your mind and your soul.