International Investment Incentives



I've got a question and I'm hoping some of the sharper and more successful members of the forum will have some input here. I am doing research related to the opening of a rather large business operation that I am involved with (estimated near 9 figures over 3 years).

We're looking into what the most attractive incentives that exist internationally are. I've already looked into domestic US and am having a harder time finding international incentives that exist.

Less insane COVID regimes are ideal, but I need to pitch this in terms of financial benefits. Hard pre-requisites include not being blocked off from trade with the US, no US travel ban (Vax status is a bit less important for me personally because if this works I'll be able to afford pooling private jets), and it being a location where we can feasibly employ a team of experienced data analysts without massive local government interference. Political stability is needed to some degree as well.

What is everyone familiar with? I've found a few co-investing funds like Portugal. UAE offers a tax free environment. A couple others have tax holidays.