International travel in light of the coronavirus


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Do you really think that 70% of the world is (truly) jabbed? I'd say it is 50% at best (worst).
Hard to say, they lie about everything. But the more interesting question is how life will continue with at least half planet jabbed. Can you imagine everyone jabbed dying in the years to come?
I don't know what will happen, but from the start of the vaxx, there is constantly some flu sickness present.
Just yesterday, I heard from one school teacher saying that she can't remember a time before when so many kids were sick and missing class.

And thankfully, none of these small kids are jabbed with covid vaxx. But they live with vaxxed parents, and these people with destroyed immunity seem to be reservoirs of sickness.


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Props to Rep. Thomas Massie, who is awesome for pushing hard to end the COVID-19 mandate nonsense for international travelers.

Around 3:30 mark, Rep. Massie was rubbing his hands to mock the Democrats. It made me laughed.


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I too believe they've been peddling with the numbers. Think about it, most of the third world simply doesn't have an infrastructure to roll out such a monumental operation. In some countries, like Vietnam, they claim over 99% vaccinated. No way they can even reach that 99%, let alone that there's always a more signifcant segment that just doesn't take it. Probably in the West numbers like 85-90% could've been achieved, for we're a bunch of moralless, nihilist cowards. But for other parts of the world I just don't think the logistical structure was in place for now to achieve that. But I may be wrong though, my guess could be too optimistic given that also third world parts shut down, with arguably more consequences for the people there since there's little back up in welfare and such, people simply need to work and if that gets blocked, many will give in for the sake of survival.

I know for a fact that in countries like India, it is easy to get a fake vaccine card. This also biases the estimates.