Investing Strategies for Beginner to Intermediate Skilled Investors


Some very good responses here. Real investing is boring and NOT a gambling addiction. I do know some people that even though they make more than me they're willing to throw it away on the latest "investment". Whether it's the latest scam coin or the new stock recommended by "Mr Always Right" on Youtube it doesn't matter.

A good book to look into is Peter Lynch's One up on Wall street.
Finally, a RVF stock recommendation that I wholeheartedly endorse. Everything by Peter Lynch and Phil Fisher is worth reading. If you're a very beginner, Phil Town's "Rule 1 Investing" will also set most of the proper mental constructs in place for understanding how long-term successful value investing works. It's a modernized, watered-down version of Graham's "The Intelligent Investor" which is way more dense than is necessary in the internet age.