Iphone to Android Issues

Sam Malone

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Hoping members can help me out..

I've tried to switch from iPhone to Android but run into an issue that the phone tech guys haven't been able to solve.

If I switch SIM cards over and do the data transfer thing:
- I can make and receive calls to anyone
- I can send and receive texts from other Android users
- I can send texts to iPhone users, I CANNOT receive texts from iPhone users

Same issue trying to do this with two different Android phones.

The second phone was brand new, and I used the same cell provider.

When I bought that phone (screamin' deal for what I use it for), the setup kid at the Wallyworld opined that anyone texting me just has to turn off their iMessage settings so the text goes through. My retort was no, this is an issue with MY (new) phone, and there was no way I'm going to text anyone and everyone that has my number to tell them to turn off iMessage before they text me, and that's not including people I don't know that have my number.

"A lot of people don't use the iMessage part-"

"And some do... so if I text a girl.. that gave me her number.. and she's telling me to come over.. but she's using iMessage.. I'm not getting any of her responses.."

(The kid "got it" after that. It was amusing to watch the light bulb go on).

We ran through a few things while on the phone with tech support, including shutting off iCloud, before no one could figure it out. I eventually just had him put everything back in/on my iPhone).

I've basically been using the older Android as a computer, and prefer it over the iPhone. So I'd like to go Android, but not at the expense of losing the ability to text some iPhone users.

Any input, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated.


I've been going back and forth from iphone to droid many times .. It is very annoying ... IOS just seems to be working better, even if using an older iphone ...


My brother facing wi-fi connectivity between iPhone and android, still there is no way to solve this issue!

can anyone suggest what he needs to do next?