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fmman said:
It saddens me to see the decline of Ireland away from its roots. If you surf along to politics section and try and post anything even questioning the liberal far left policies you will banned quicker than you can say mass child graves in Tuam.

RTE news, Newstalk news and just about all irish news is biased far left and a mouthpiece of the EU, never putting in the other view for balance. Since that idiot Leo has been in charge we have had gay marriage and abortion legalised. You now can't drink a drop, its zero tolerance and the Gards are out doing checks in the middle of nowhere late at night or first thing in the morning!

Give it 10 more years and I think it will be nearly as bad as England

They also want to stop (hard work) private turf cutting which my aging parents do, that heats the house for fraction of the thousands that you would spend on heating oil. How does only 300 euros a year sound for heating a house completely for 1.5 years?

Infuriating how we must (lol) respect the traditions of those coming into our country and preserve them, but the deepest of Irish traditions peat (turf) cutting must be stopped!

And the said scenery of poor rural areas which is often the only USP for tourists and locals alike is now covered in windmills at said bogs (50 at a time stretching across miles at the very top of mountain), what's more natural, the people or mechanical monstrosties on the skyline/horizon. There is a pitiful amount of electricity being generated from them, and it was never intended to make bills cheaper for the average man and woman. Like everything else in Ireland, nobody actually wants it but it only happens because we are paid off using blood money from EU grants. FREE MONEY WE PAID TOWARDS. My relatives run a totally unrelated local community organisation that were offered money from the windmill companies to play ball.

A landscape that would looked the same in 1980 as it did in 1080 AD, now changed. Good job our yes men of a puppet government.

MusicForPiano, they want to rewild the countryside but have nobody actually living in it being close to nature and themselves, everybody is running from themselves, they talk endlessly about humanity and yet will do anything to not be human.


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Syberpunk said:

I like that video a lot - it's very meditative.

I like Keith a lot too. I've been pushing and promoting his videos around the place.

He's very educated on what matters. He's no nonsense. He's well informed where he needs to be.

He loses me on some of the deeper philosophical stuff.

But I do still get his quest for ontological security.

He's got a bright future.


I went over to Éire for a bit. I was hoping to make a go of it. I had a great love for the Irish people being a bit of a Celt myself. But no luck, they couldn't help me. No room at the inn. I had nothing to offer. My great respect for the Irish and my great will to make Ireland even stronger counted for nothing.

So many years wasted fighting the English (not English by the way), only to sell yourselves out so short with all the new kinds.

I saw a lot of Polish there when I was there. Shopping with families. Doing big shops for food for the week. Didn't seem like they were too bothered by the Irish. They just wanted to get in and get out and not have to interact too much.

The wives were pregnant and they often had young kids in tow. Such balls. No compunction at all about having kids in a country whose people you did not respect and knew you would be leaving in a few years.

I was there at the beginning of the end. 2005. Going in to middle eastern run internet cafes to phone my g/f in Germany. They also had contempt for the white man, but they had even bigger balls and didn't pretend to even care. Open contempt. From fucking savages.

Would take the tram through Dublin. Saw all those old marxist educated old men who looked like your aunty talking about literature. Saw the young chav tarts in the cafes who just weren't happy with their lot in life - they would need a new daddy.

Went out to the pubs where the old irish drank. Small little cliques. The most exclusive and expensive parts of Dublin btw. Such small town attitude. I hope it comes to them. I despised them.

Just to be clear, the really old Irish boys I loved. Very quiet. Not talking about them. I loved those old boys to death with their death stares and their old shillelaghs. A world I would never belong to. But just like a biker gang or those that served in the armed forces, respect is given back to those that have it.

I was talking more about the small souled bugmen in their semi-gay attire. Those that seek power as councillors. Those that abuse that power.

Went out to further to Thurles and Naas.

Met up with connected people. Only to be expected in God's country.

These people had no love for me, I don't see how they will ever have love for refugee immigrants from the 3rd world. The Irish are known to be among the most insular and racist people on the planet.

Inselaffen. Island Monkeys.

Fair play to you lads, you fucking bog-trotters really laid down a good fight. But for what? To be sold out by your own people and to lay the seeds of your own demographic replacement.

The Irish question is indeed a complex one.

I really love the people there - I consider them my own people in fact, even if we are divided by language and culture. But I have no romantic ideal of the Irish, the way some Americans do, in fact.

I saw how Ireland is a nation divided already. How the bog-trotting culchies hated on those from Dublin. Real hate. They hated them worse than they hated the Engish, which is saying something.

And now you have the influx of the globo-homo complex to deal with and the poz running through the veins that used to bleed Green, but now bleed a multi-coloured rainbow.

I've met some right shit-head Irish people in my time. But some of the best people I've ever met were Irish as well. Strong people. Clever people. Moral people.

We are such a small archipelago on the edge of Europe, fed by the gulf stream that keeps us warmer than we should be. Some of us even have palm trees in our gardens. We really should be one people. No where on this planet is divide and conquer greater than here in our small geographical region.

Can you imagine the sheer force this little archipelago could unleash? The Scots, the Irish, the English, the Welsh? All coming together in one cohesive force.

But no, we are a nation divided and therefore conquered.

Make your mind up if you want to spend the rest of your life sucking dick, or if you want to fight a fight to the bitter end that you can not win.

Not an easy question to ask.

And a more difficult question to answer.

I know how it goes for me.

There won't be any victory for me in my life - I know that now.

But there also won't be any defeat.

This is why I am looking for God.
I need him now. The world of men, of fathers has failed me.
Some kind of reason. Some kind of sense. Some kind of peace.
Is all I ask.

There is a battle to come.
It won't be won.
But it must be fought.
To not do so would be worse than cowardice.

Prepare for the storm.
Protect those you can.
If like me you have no duty to any one else, then fight all the more.
Just know, there is no winning here.

Only good fighting.
And good dying.

It's not even a choice.

Hail victory!

We come from the bogs.
And back to the bogs we shall go.


steady on Rigsby, what you have described applies to every European and European-derived nation on Earth at present: The unholy alliance between cuckservatism and culture destroyers - both on the pay roll of globohomo usury.
For Auld Lang Syne, I will fight. The unholy alliances will face their cowardice and their fetor and shrivel revealing their true selves if they are to beat Europa out of existence, the very least the world will know that we didn't go down willingly.


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The majority of Irish are very placid and were so even way back in history, go to 22:30. Any band of rebels was hated whenever they started a revolution , very much the tall poppy syndrome that exists in our culture/maybe genetics has always existed.

It was not perpetual war, day after day.

debeguiled said:
So we all understand that Ireland has been dragged into the modern feminist world nightmare. This is undeniable.

But how in God's name have they now passed everyone by and are leading the charge?

And who in God's name is this guy?


Because whoever he is, he seems to have some pull in Quaint Oul Donegal and is now pushing for maternity leave with full pay for women who have had abortions!


And as for our so called Irish forum members:



Kind of the opposite to the incentives that the Israeli government are offering their settlers on the West Bank. With tax breaks and bursaries that don't have to be paid back for every child you have within wedlock. I heard Orban is doing the same thing in Hungary although I don't know how reliable that information is.


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The Don and Keith Woods are probably the two most important Nationalist voices in Ireland at the moment.
It's slow progress though, most Irish people are not tuned into these guys and still vote for the status quo.

I've learned a lot from both guys but Keith is younger and more naive, on Twitter and in his recent videos, he's being way too open about the destructive role of 'the tribe' in undermining and subverting Western society at every turn.
The Don is wise enough not to openly go after the merchants, and also has a more everyman appeal than Keith. Still though, both are doing their part, we're lucky to have them on our side.


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Brilliant video here from Gearóid Murphy on the Asylum Industry in Ireland and those that benefit from it.
Would encourage all Irish forum members to share this video far and wide as it really blows the mass illegal immigration advocates out of the water.


amity said:
Brilliant video here from Gearóid Murphy on the Asylum Industry in Ireland and those that benefit from it.
Would encourage all Irish forum members to share this video far and wide as it really blows the mass illegal immigration advocates out of the water.

Excellent video!


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griffinmill said:
amity said:
Brilliant video here from Gearóid Murphy on the Asylum Industry in Ireland and those that benefit from it.
Would encourage all Irish forum members to share this video far and wide as it really blows the mass illegal immigration advocates out of the water.

Excellent video!


Noel’s full address
>Now I've worked with Galway County Council with one or two Syrian families. These were genuine refugees that were persecuted in their homeland, because they were Christian, by ISIS.

"They were housed around Galway. They were put into houses. They were accepted by communities. But if you watch the news and you listen and even our Taoiseach, three weeks ago, said he'd take an extra 200 — what do you call it — migrants from Africa.

"These are economic migrants. These are people that are coming over here from Africa to sponge off the system here in Ireland.

"I know people that I've talked to all over the county of Galway to try and get housing for. You're seven, eight, nine, ten years....[on the housing list]

"Let the Minister know the fear — and it is the fear factor — that this is going to bring on in this village. Because we don't know. We don't know these people that's coming in. I can guarantee you, it's not the simple, persecuted Christians and Syrians that's coming here.

"It's the people, the economic refugees that's coming in from Africa, that's trying to get across the Mediterranean and ended up in Europe and ended up in Ireland and ended up in Oughterard where you don't have the schools, you don't have the doctors.

"A big city, a major city can absorb 300 refugees but not a small town like Oughterard.

"So I'll say one thing to everybody in this room tonight. Work together, stick together and we will work with ye and I want the politicians here to give that same commitment here tonight that we will work to ensure that this does not happen and it will destroy the fabric of Oughterard. Thank-you."
The whole hall burst into applause here.


>town doesnt want people who make the third world unlivable
>the far right is behind this

The twitter loonies have locked themselves in echo chambers online for years and are now facing that plenty of people in Ireland don't buy into their bullshit.


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This one won't end well if the housing goes in. Edge of Connemara where people actually speak Irish as their first language. There are some hard people out there, of course I might be wrong and the new generation could be soft. I hope not.


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I was not aware of this man.

Irish youtubers getting deleted, but plenty have bitchute channels and new ones coming up in place. Great first caller.

And that rendition of the national anthem!


When i was a kid "boisterous youths played knock-down-ginger & nicked apples from apple trees.

A gang of youths “threatened to rape” a female driver after the driver asked them to pay for their fare.
The 220 Carrigaline bus was halted on the night of October 31st after a considerable group of “boisterous youths” hopped on the bus.

According to CorkBeo:

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Cork’s 96fm Opinion Line with PJ Coogan the youths called the female driver a “racist b****” when she asked them to pay.

The source said: “At 10.30pm on the 220 Carrigaline bus a large group of youths – mix of nationalities – got on the bus and walked past the driver.

“She called them back and they called her a ‘racist b****’ for asking them to pay. They threatened to beat her up and also threatened to rape her.

“There was a large presence of Gardai at the scene within 15 mins and they were all taken off the bus. She was very distressed.”

Gardai–the Irish word for police–were called to the scene soon after the incident which left the transport worker distressed.

A Gardai spokesperson said: “Gardaí responded to a call at approximately 10 p.m. on Thursday, October 31 on the Upper Kilmoney Road area of Carrigaline.

“A number of boisterous youths refused to disembark from a public bus service. Bus service was temporarily stalled but resumed a short time later.”

READ MORE: ‘Troubled Teen’ in Ireland Threatened to Give Police HIV

Ireland has recently shown utmost keenness to adopt globalist progressive policies.

As a result, they’ve suffered several incidents which have been excluded by the mainstream press.

National File recently reported on a ‘troubled teen’ of a foreign background with multiple priors who threatened to infect the police arresting him with HIV.

In spite of a growing backlash towards Ireland’s open arm policies to the rest of the world, the mainstream media has heaped praise on Ireland’s increasingly progressive positions.


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Ireland seems to be the new bellwether in the latest not so subtle globo-homo push.

This seems like Ireland's [CURRENT YEAR]. A mere 4 years after the real [CURRENT YEAR]. In a place no one ever dreamed would be invaded by 'dreamers'.

Well, it's happening. They are trying to drop in a 100+ migrants in to small villages with less than a 1000 inhabitants. They are promising computer classes, language lessons, all kinds of stuff that these small places never had before, just left to get on with it. Funny that. All this money that is coming out of nowhere, in a time of austerity. Sugaring the bitter pill.

And just at a time where they are bringing in new hate speech laws as well. And they aren't just dropping these boyos off just anywhere, they are parachuting them in to the most sacred of Irish places like Lisdoonvarna. It's an outright blatant assault on Irish culture. It's a hard body blow almost coming out of nowhere, leaving the local population on the back foot as to how best deal with this.

It's as much a psy-op as it is a physical assault. It will get people talking. Metrics will be measured on social media. Plans will be refined. It's all good. Just how can we farm these animals better and keep them docile, or just docile enough to keep getting away with this...

The odd immigration centre or rather Direct Provision Centre as they are now being called, might get burned down. But that's all grist to the propaganda mill about how racist and nazi-like the Irish are. They will take this up the ass and they will like it and they will ask for more! Or they will be crushed for being the bad-minded bigots they are.

Same playbook.

The Germans call the British inselaffen. Island Monkeys.

Well, the Irish are no less insular, and no less of an Island Monkey.

And for sure they are a little bit racist. But no more or less racist than anyone else on the planet. They just aren't hypocrites and don't tend to hide it, if that's the way they feel.

Hell, they don't even like the British. Ok, there may be some good reasons for that. But Irish people can be the most friendly people in the world or the most 'offish' and rude. Depending on whether you are paying £6 for a pint in Dublin, or £3 for a pint in a rural area with just 2 men and a dog at the bar (one of the men being the bar owner).

But I get it, what does a British guy have to offer any of them in their small village. It's not like they need you for work (or to take work from them). It's not like there are fair red-headed maidens looking to get impregnated with good old fashioned enemies of their people.

But I respect that. If you can respect that too, then you can get a lot further along there. Don't expect anything, but give respect all the same. For the most part, they'll leave you alone. And in places like Dublin, they'll even invite you back to their flat for a little sesh after closing time. I saw both sides of the coin and experienced the two extremes of their split society. Some of the people in the rural areas might have been a bit ignorant, but no less so than the high-flyers and movers and shakers from the affluent areas of Dublin.

I was there just at the height of the Celtic Tiger phenomenon. But it wasn't to last too much longer. Drugs and gangs in Dublin. And a few designer outlets. But really, what was there in the 'auld' parts of the country, apart from tradition and a slow pace of life, where people may not be that happy, but they certainly weren't that miserable either?

Well, life is about to get a whole lot more miserable for those folk in the rural traditional areas. It's happening!

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills and I don't even live there. Imagine, you live in a village of a thousand people. And one day you are told they are injecting in immigrants at the rate of 15% of your total population. Damn right you'd protest, and that is what they are doing!

The town I'm talking about is called Ballinamore:

The reaction to this whole thing may not be that nuanced and could certainly be better put, but hey, who cares? It's not like you get extra points for nuance or finer discourse. Doing pretty well considering they have really been caught out on this one. Sneaky!

Raise the propaganda level talking about how racist and nazi-like the Irish are.

Bring in hate speech laws to silence dissent.

Hit them all at once in the most sensitive and sacred cultures to cause 'shock and awe' among the populace.

Hope that someone burns down a Direct Provision Centre so that you can add that extra propaganda fuel to the globohomo fire.

Rinse, repeat.

As always, Keith Woods gives an eloquent and measured take on the situation, though even for him, he's admitting these recent events don't bode well.

None of this makes sense.

There are no jobs in Ireland.

The people there are traditional and insular and don't take kindly to outsiders (nothing wrong with that).

If this mad-cap scheme is successful it will destroy many of Ireland's national treasures and centres of culture.

It can only cause overt anger, whether successful or not.

It can only cause bitter seething resentment that festers, whether successful or not.

There is no way this is done in good faith. They know there is only a negative outcome from all of this.


I was thinking of dropping a datasheet or some kind of report of my small time in Ireland (just a couple of weeks). My time in both the most exclusive parts of Dublin and out in the most rural areas as well. But it was a while ago now.

And the past, as they say, is another country.


I have a feeling the next year or two in Ireland may turn out to be more eventful and full of more dramatic change than the last 15 years or so.

The Celtic Tiger turned out to be a Paper Tiger.

And now it's the year of the Global Tiger.

You can run, but you can't hide...

Even in rural Ireland.
I thought Ireland would kinda sorta be spared and just be milked to the max housing cost wise while Europeans from all countries of the EU slave in globohomo HQs of Facecuck and Twatter.

With the lack of social housing and costs so crazy that regular wage earners can barely afford to rent a room in central Dublin I thought "where the hell would they even house rapefugees" but apparently where there are globalists, there is a way...

Irish people are some of the nicest have met in Europe. Very down to earth. It's a shame that it might turn into a rapefugee filled sh*thole as well...

Dr. Howard

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Rigsby said:
Ireland seems to be the new bellwether in the latest not so subtle globo-homo push.

This seems like Ireland's [CURRENT YEAR]. A mere 4 years after the real [CURRENT YEAR]. In a place no one ever dreamed would be invaded by 'dreamers'.


You can run, but you can't hide...

Even in rural Ireland.

Interesting, the Irish have long memories and long grudges and this seems to harken back to William the Orange settling the Scots Irish in the north.


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Dr. Howard said:
Rigsby said:
Ireland seems to be the new bellwether in the latest not so subtle globo-homo push.

This seems like Ireland's [CURRENT YEAR]. A mere 4 years after the real [CURRENT YEAR]. In a place no one ever dreamed would be invaded by 'dreamers'.


You can run, but you can't hide...

Even in rural Ireland.

Interesting, the Irish have long memories and long grudges and this seems to harken back to William the Orange settling the Scots Irish in the north.

Possibly so. For some.

What I picked up from the comments section though was how many people feel they had been played by the whole sectarian schtick.

A few people piped up "The IRA will save us", "The IRA would never have allowed this", "There will be a new IRA to take care of this problem".

And pretty soon they all got shouted down. "The IRA was a Marxist organisation full of touts and traitors - they betrayed the Irish people", "We supported the 'RA for years and where did it get us? They are the ones now responsible for this influx because of their power in parliament", "The 'RA - what a waste of time all those decades of the troubles were. For nothing".

The troubles in Ireland really was a very Dirty War. They didn't call it the Dirty War for nothing. I'm just reading about the British Intelligence Service's involvement there. Bombings were allowed to occur with people dying in pubs, all to protect touts at the highest echelons of the 'RA.

When I was in Ireland, I met with some connected people. They are well known to the security services I am sure, so I'm not saying anything out of turn here. They were hippies and dope smokers. But very connected. They had tentacles that reached all across the country. The guy I stayed with had people turning up every day. No, actually about 4/5 people turning up each day. And they would be introduced to their kith and kin.

Almost a party atmosphere. But never decadent. A few cans. A few joints. The sheer bonhomie of the situation provided the adrenaline rush. These were one people. United. Under a cause.

Nothing was ever explicitly stated. But you knew. And I knew, especially as how I had landed there, and to be accepted in to all that. I had one thing going for me. I was not English. And they grilled me on where I came from, in Wales. I gave them directions. I pronounced the words with a Welsh accent (I speak a little Welsh), and they were satisfied. Most of them. Some, were never satisfied and kept niggling, working away at me, hoping I would crack. I met it with good humour, but never ignored the niggles.

You see. I really am a sympathiser to their cause. I do not negate their struggles, which were and are very real. But I am not a man of violence. If I believed it would work, then maybe I might be. But there are more than moral reasons for me not supporting it.

I was shown books. Propaganda basically. Of the highest order. British soldiers violating the homes of Catholics. It was brutal. No video, just pictures. The long barrels of the Paratrooper's SLRs poking in the faces of crying children. It was potent stuff. Something must have pissed the Irish off.

One side of the coin. Remember the meta game is divide/conquer and your leaders are in on the game and playing you as much as the other side. In fact, in the .pdf I'm reading now on the subject, they turned on each other and betrayed their higher ups to get ahead and get results - they threw each other to the wolves. Shocking stuff. Even for me.

But let's not demonise those British Paratroopers too much. They had a hard job to do. Hypocrisy abounds all around in this Dirty War. And even the Irish themselves were victims of the more brutal thugs who ran the IRA. Those 18 year old lads were in the thick of it. The British Paratroop Regiment is an elite fighting force. It was no mistake that they were sent there to do duty. Whether you agree with it or not.

Some of them now are being hung out to dry, opening old wounds on both sides of the age old argument. All for political expediency, not justice. And no good will come of it. It only makes them hate their masters even more. Even though they would never say that as such.

Those lads saw their mates being shot, found them after they were tortured, and lived in fear every minute of their waking life while they were not just out on patrol, but in barracks, potentially susceptible to mortar bombs and rogue vehicles. And they were hated. They are still hated to this day. But they believe in what they did to this day: that they prevented wider bloodshed.

It was a Dirty, Dirty, War.

But I have a deep platonic love for those British Paratroopers. They are my kith and kin. I make no excuses for the bad behaviour of some of them. And even though they may be hardest of the hard - an elite Infantry Unit where you really are prepared to go first and die to prepare the ground for forces after you - I do believe them to be deeply moral men at their core.

I have met with them and drank with them. And they only presented themselves in the most exemplary of manners. I could never betray them. I would always support them. Wrong or right. These are my people. It isn't the fear of what would happen to me physically that would hold me back from betraying them. It is the shame. It wouldn't be the beatings and the brutality that would ensue that would hold me back, it would be the look in the eye of their sheer fucking disappointment. And I am not of their cadre. Not of their ilk. Not their kith and kin.

But I still break bread and drink with those who would, and do, celebrate their deaths, if not explicitly, then implicitly.

It's times like this when it's best to keep one's trap shut.

You can't educate a baying mob.

But you can have a certain demeanour. And the higher elders will understand. Because they take no pleasure either, believe it or not, in the killing or maiming or torture of a British Paratrooper. Again, just file it under political expediency. But we all need our 'foot soldiers'. Our 'thugs'. I wouldn't like to come up against them in a bar fight, let alone them being armed with a 7.62mm SLR.

But it was asymmetric warfare. They got to carry FN FAL 'battle rifles'. The 'RA got to plant IED's.

No one wants to go back to that. No one sane, anwyay.


Today, it's a new war.

And one even Dirtier.

Just how the hell do you fight your own politicians, who aren't even the ones making the decisions about how you are about to be usurped?

Gonna threaten someone?

I don't think so.

The Gardai will be on your ass quicker than any state sanctioned drug dealer or pimp.

Any you also have your own people to fight. Your own family sometimes. Who, having their poor little itty bitty heart strings tugged at the deepest level will come to hate you for being a bigot. But they still won't give up their own spare bedroom to provide space for a dreaming marauder.


It's never been bettered.

We talk about 'game' here.

But in geopolitics and future projection demographics, Divide/Conquer is the only game in town.

I like the Irish people, a lot. I also like the Scottish. And I can almost spot a Scots Ulster accent when I hear one. To hear someone speak Ulster-Scots is one of the great joys of life. Irish people sounding Scottish. And they never take offense. In fact, they are filled with a little pride that you may think they are Scottish. It is proof of their ancestry. A proud people. But not overly so.

And I've had friends from the most Protestant parts of Norn Iron. Orangefield. Staunch Protestants. Yet they want no part in this Divide/Conquer battle with the Catholics. Often having very close Catholic friends.

Some men are born to hate. Some men just grow in to it and have it thrusted upon them.

I have seen men with the deepest of beliefs, the most profound of convictions, and these are the men that have hated the least, guided by something higher, I don't know what.

On both sides of the lines.

These men are my inspiration.

And our only hope for a new day.

Some of them don't even have God, as such.

But they are guided by him, nonetheless.