Is a Communist takeover the end game for the powers that be?


I have often considered that an authoritarian government will be necessary if society ever became fractured along ethnic/racial lines. Already in Europe, one's speech is restricted in case one causes 'offence'. But why is causing 'offence' suddenly such a terrible thing? I would suggest it is because society is no longer united, as it once was, and in fact is much more fragile.

After the collapse of Tito's regime, Yugoslavia disintegrated and the most vicious ethnic conflict in recent European history ensued. After the collapse of Communism the Soviet Union split along ethnic lines, too. But a strong, authoritarian government in which freedom of speech and expression is strictly limited seems to be able to hold together an otherwise fractured society.

Classical Marxist theory hypothesises that the capitalist class, the bourgeoisie, exploits the working class, the proletariat. That was the best way to sow division in homogeneous European societies. Neo-Marxism claims that whilst the working classes are still exploited, there are a number of other victim classes, too - 'people of colour', particularly blacks; gay and trans people; women; and religious minorities.

Capitalism is often derided, and all of society's problems are blamed on capitalism and 'privilege'. The latter at one time would have been solely economic, but now being white, straight and male makes one privileged.

What I have written above is nothing new. I think almost everybody understands it, regardless of your political opinion. However, I came across this short film on YouTube and it's really made me wonder whether we're being primed for a revolution:

The kooky Russian occultist and mystic Alexander Dugin published a screed, entitled “Principles and Strategy of Coming War,” laying out his game-plan for an apocalyptic “end times” war between Russia and the Western (NATO) coalition. He talks about seven battle “fronts” in this war and gives his advice on how Russia can defeat its eternal enemy, the West.

Dugin writes that the first task to gain victory over the US in the coming “Great War” is to use its vast media operations and assets in the alternative media to portray America as irredeemably evil:

Therefore, the first task to gain victory would be real fully-fledged company to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general. Therefore, the West is a place where the devil resides. It is the center of the global capitalist tentacles. It is the matrix of rotting cultural perversion and a vice grip of falsehood and cynicism, violence and hypocrisy.
Interestingly, Dugin speaks of opening a “seventh front” of subversion which he labels “Americans Against Federal Government” who will help Russia in its propagandistic depiction of the US as evil. He tells of how Russia can usurp dissident sentiments in America to promote destabilization within the country as Russia goes in for the kill. He specifically mentions these dissident elements as useful idiots for Russia’s aims inside America. He writes:

In addition, in terms of the United States, it is important to open the Seventh Front. In fact, the US have many people who are unsatisfied with the ruling elite that profess the globalist ideology, drawing the USA into bloody wars, destroying the traditional European Christian identity. New America, where nothing is left from the US itself, and which serves the interests of the global financial oligarchy that has no culture or identity, destroys old America. Therefore, the support of US traditionalism and the conservatism of American identity is an important task for Russia. Its ally in the USA is the American people. In addition, many contradictions have accumulated in the social sphere, in inter-ethnic relations. The majority of American society does not accept the moral degeneration. The federal government uses each convenient occasion to begin the abolishment of the second amendment of the Constitution allowing the Americans to keep and bear arms.
So he specifically seeks to enlist conservative Americans dissatisfied with gun control legislation as well as immigration critics: basically white Christians. Dugin then admits his deception as a phony fellow traveller of the alt-right as he lends support to the Hispanization of America, stating that Hispanics have a Catholic identity that isn’t hostile to Russia:

The growing proportions of the Latin population, mostly Catholic, bring to the American public a new identity that is not hostile to Russia.
Continuing on this theme of subversion, Dugin writes that:

Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe.
This is classic communist subversion. Dugin is a dyed-in-the-wool Bolshevik and speaks like a Chekist. His genocidal Bolshevik impulses often come out when he is angry, like during one rant where he called on his followers to start murdering Ukrainians en masse.

Numerous ideologues, especially Richard Spencer and Jay Dyer, have close ties to the Dugin cult and parrot with precision the Russian propaganda line on just about everything. They display such manic fealty to Russia and the Dugin cult that they often criticized and threatened to abandon Donald Trump for not being cooperative enough with Putin’s agendas.

The is also fully committed to Russia’s interests and act as its fifth-column in the West. Their main issue has been protesting Western involvement in the Middle East while simultaneously and hypocritically backing Russian intervention.

There’s no doubt that elements of the dissident right have been heavily infiltrated and coopted by Russians and Duginists who are covertly waging war against us. Notice how both groups push demoralization, saying that our societies are so decadent and corrupt that we should just die off in order to be “reborn”; a classic reincarnation theme of Hinduism which has influenced the esotericism popular in right-wing nationalist circles.

Dugin and his cult followers are in control of large sections of the Western alt-media. In his screed Dugin alludes to Russia’s “agents of influence of the West” who, he says, “are entrusted to criticize the West. With predictable results.” Even Alex Jones has promoted Dugin and is being promoted by him. Jones is precisely the kind of “dissident” American that Dugin is endeavouring to dupe and enlist as Russian shock troops and saboteurs for the “coming war” with the West.

How do they justify support of Dugin who’s openly waging a deceptive war of attrition to destroy Western civilization? The only explanation that makes sense is that they are the “agents of influence” entrusted by Russia to carry forward the Kremlin’s Bolshevik crusade to put the final nail in the coffin of the West.



How do they justify support of Dugin who’s openly waging a deceptive war of attrition to destroy Western civilization? The only explanation that makes sense is that they are the “agents of influence” entrusted by Russia to carry forward the Kremlin’s Bolshevik crusade to put the final nail in the coffin of the West.
You should not believe everything the CIA tells you.
This is the whole idea of the new world government. Dive and rule among the lines of ethnicity, race, sex, gender etc, then asserting optimal power over these people. It's as old as Rome. So your question whether we're primed for a revolution, we're in the midst of it. Cojonavirus is revolution, Roosh Hour 42. Specifically, this is the fourth industrial revolution, see Klaus Schwab, or the last revolution as Aldous Huxley called it. Complete technocratic, digital control over the masses (in so far they're not wiped out over the coming years by design).
The Perestroika Deception:

New Lies for Old:

The Perestroika deception is Soviet Russia’s faking of its own death in the 1990s as a way of lulling the West to sleep over the communist threat, thus advancing its world communist agenda unhindered

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I think the modern-era Communists are salivating over the possibility of "finally doing Communism right" by

1) Using new techniques like Critical Race Theory to divide the population too much to put up even passive resistance
2) Using modern technology like real-time surveillance to oppress and control the population to such a horrible degree that they can never fight back

Why is Jeff Bezos a Communist, btw? Because:

A) Once you reach a certain size/profit in capitalism, it becomes more profitable for you to simply use the government / become the government to ban your competition
B) Having lots of money is not so fun when compared to the power to murder, rape, disappear and humiliate other people at will (see Laurentiy Beria for example).

Jeff Bezos the Amazon owner is currently a pathetic weakling who gets abused by a tranny-looking lover no matter how much he stuffs himself with steroids and gets mocked by random peasants online, but Jeff Bezos the communist dictator will have no such limitations.

It's a sick, Satanic dream.


Reconciling the billionaire class, which is decidedly "progressive" and therefore must be communist when they're benefactors of capitalism is confounding. I think it keeps our wheels spinning and it confuses me to no end too. But then I remind myself why socialism/communism is so appealing to many people in the first place. This leads me to natural hierarchies, which form distribution curves of unequal values plotted along a spectrum. Here's a picture of Jeff before he made it big.


GEEK! Looks like he's probably mid-late 20s, balding already. Slouching, pencil neck, weakling and, above all, not at all attractive. Emphasis on attractiveness. A large part of his life was getting sand kicked in his face at the beach. Jeff falls firmly on the left side of the distribution curve for a variety of attributes. Slinging hardbody chicks at the club was not his forte.

Ditto for Bill Gates and even Steve Jobs. Geeks and unattractive. This engenders spite, bitterness, jealousey, envy, self pity and self doubt. A whole lotta pathetic. What's confusing is that Bezos, Gates and Jobs are certainly not pathetic men. But, they still fall short in some areas. For all his billions Jeff will never know and will never experience a geniue Chad existence or jock existence.

Socialism and communism breed like maggots with people on the left side. This has always been the case historically. As we all know after class was abondoned by the left, they switched to other forms of inequality.

I don't think this explaines everything we're seeing. After all, Manhattan is surrouned by poor and, as we saw last summer, very hostile people, so, that's a good enough explanation as to why those elites vote progressive. But, I think left side bell curve discrepancies tell most of the story. Why are rabib militant feminists so angry? Everyone knows this...cause they're ugly.
Communist, sure, but it is a bit of a secular way of describing what Christians already know. The Bible tells us what the end game is. There will be a one world govt, a one world world religion and a one world currency. Most of this world will receive the Mark of the Beast, paying fealty to the Antichrist who will be the head of the world systems. Right now, you can look at the Rothschilds, Rockafellers, Soros, Gates, you can look at the UN, NATO, WHO, but uitimately all these people are being played by Satan. The devil will take human form and control the entire world, at least until God almighty has had enough. We just have to make sure we aren't aligned with Satan, and that will mean being an outsider in many ways.


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There’s a zero chance of a communist party taking over in the US, at least for now. 3rd world countries are most likely to see that sort of change. There is nothing Marxist about CRT, it offers little to no solutions.

You’re tone deaf. It’s here already. The state department is flying gay and jogger lives matter flags. The military is purged. Mob rule in full effect. black lesbian mayor of Chicago will only be interviewed by blacks and browns, no Whites

All this is done without anyone batting an eye. You’re delusional.


You’re tone deaf. It’s here already. The state department is flying gay and jogger lives matter flags. The military is purged. Mob rule in full effect. black lesbian mayor of Chicago will only be interviewed by blacks and browns, no Whites

All this is done without anyone batting an eye. You’re delusional.
I think our definitions of communism differ here. A communist takeover to me, is completely changing how people get elected. Throwing away the constitution, and re-doing the entire political structure.

I don’t think communism talks much at all about race or being gay or whatever. That’s just today’s identity politics being more emboldened.
Personally speaking, what we are currently witnessing really isn't communism per se. If it were true communism, Bezos and the rest of the billionaires would be in deep trouble. It essentially seems to be technocratic/globalist authoritarianism with cultural Marxist sentiments. The cultural Marxism seems as a way to blame "privilege" aka being white as the main problem, opposed to the billionaire parasites in control of our monetary system. Mass enslavement = mass enslavement, it doesn't matter much what one labels it.

In regards to the Russian takeover, I find it funny Putin is at least seemingly, the most anti globalist leader alive. Russia itself may end up being the last refuge of white Christianity. The universe must love irony.


As Antony C. Sutton described in his books, there would not have been a Bolshevik Revolution without the early funding of the Reds by Wall Street (see for example a banker such as Jacob Schiff). Nor would the Soviet Union under Stalin have survived without all the economic and military support from the FDR administration. Likewise, as others have written about extensively, there would not have been a post-War Cultural Marxist movement without the American Jewish Committee and the OSS funding the Frankfurt School. And I would add: what would remain of the American Liberal power elite and their inflated fake Dollar without financing by their ally, Communist China? In other words, "Capitalism" and "Communism" have always been interwoven so tightly, that it is impossible to distinguish or separate the two weaves. They are two sides of the same coin, or two heads of the same hydra. But whatever label is given to this totalitarian, materialist leviathan that governs the modern World, one characteristic is this systemic constant: the richest get richer, and the most powerful get more powerful -- which gives them unlimited resources and power to impose a Satanic agenda on the amorphic masses. That is why it is of vital importance that people -the People- are told and taught about the false dichotomy/narrative that both "the Right" and "the Left" have been force-feeding us for decades now. Instead, they should be taught the only one viable counter-narrative to this materialism, and that is Christian Truth. All the rest is vanity and distraction.