Is America a Democracy?

Quigley referred to it as a new feudal system. International treaties have superseded and bypassed the US Constitution. Democracy always morphs into totalitarianism. Economic slavery is the name of the game. It's all fiat currency and it's an absolute con game. The carbon taxes which we will be paying is utter dystopian fantasy land nonsense. They control us using techniques in language. They bring the masses to conclusions they want us to come to by giving us a specific type of language. Giving us the problem in a set format, knowing our programming, just like a computer, will kick in and we will come to the very conclusion which they had planned we would. It is neural linguistics and psycho linguistics by the marketers. International banking is in the process of reshaping society. Americans are brainwashed to such an extent it is nearly impossible to wake them as they are lead to slaughter.
2 things I don't understand about US democracy:

- Only 2 options (Democrats and Republicans) for President;

- And voters do not choose their representatives directly (President).
No, its a Republic with a very nice Constitution. But, that's not true anymore. We're not a democracy any longer because our votes don't count.

Voting stopped being effective and the democratic process started to end when homosexual "marriage" was arbitrarily imposed onto us in Massachusetts and California - both times by activist judges one or both of which was were homosexual. Just before this happened, both of these states had put this decision to multiple popular referendums, which is about as pure as a democratic thing as you can get. It is, after all, simply counting ye's versus nay's. On more than one occasion, these ballot items did NOT pass! Period! So, when the activist "judges" decided to overturn the will of the people they invalidated the democratic process, which also means homosexualism was instrumental in the destruction of democracy. But that was the start.

Since then, its become very clear that the voting system itself is fundamentally corrupt. I simply do not believe there wasn't a massive red wave a few weeks ago - vote for more economic deterioration, wokness, and pedophilia? Come on! The whole fetterman situation, a mental invalid, being elected and the obvious chicanery with that election is evidence enough. Of course, the 2020 election too was a fraud. Central to all of this is mail-in balloting. But, honestly, mail-in or not, it really comes down to who counts the votes versus who votes. Don't forget that the people behind this corruption operate on a firm belief that the ends justify the means, so, if rigging elections is unethical but the end-state is "good" then riggling elections is good too.

I don't know what we are now, but we're not a representative republic or democracy. We're in some kind of Jacobin stage, except this time we have nuclear weapons.
People like to pat themselves on the back about women having a right to vote nowadays in these so-called 'democracies' but forget that even before that there were sequential suffrage movements for men.
There is a table at the bottom of this:
There are 4 years for the USA - 1965 (universal), 1856 (male), 1920 (female) and 1965 (ethnicity)
Before 1856 only white male property owners could vote, 6% of the population.
After 1920 women could vote.
After 1964 you could vote even if you didn't pay "poll tax" (whatever that is)
It's a quite detailed there's more on it here -
1870 seems to be an important year where voting could not be denied on the basis of "Race, color, or previous condition of servitude"
That article also lists how much property you had to own in order to vote.

So there are variations on what is a democracy, it is debatable if every aspect of that suffrage 'progress' really was.
Democracy is little more than a scam. All you have to do to rebut the usefulness of democracy is talk with the average voter.

Also, if democracy is so good, then why are most of the democracies in the world now under Jewish rulership? That shows there is a fatal flaw in democracy's playbook.

I'll take an authoritarian, nationalistic competent government any day of the week over a democracy. China is doing it right. They just need to stop killing their own people i.e Tiananmen Square. The Uyghur Muslim thing is probably a hoax. I haven't seen any credible evidence yet. Just some structures which look like jails and photos of prisoners who appear to be of Uyghur ethnicity which doesn't prove much.

Another thing that is going on (and this extends to more than just democracy) is this idea that The West's style of living, government, etc is the model for the whole world. So then the normies eat this up believing that they need freedom and that is how things like the Hong Kong protests as well as what is going on in Iran start. Little do those Iranians know that their rules are actually in their own interests and they are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to dismantle them. This ideology will be used time and time again against those countries not under Jewish control.