Is anyone importing/selling/dropshipping products on Amazon as a side hustle?


How are things working?

I see already too many people doing the dropshipping or amazon fba. Also a lot of new courses for thousands of euros (not going to buy any).

Guess it's tough starting now, but I am sure if done properly there could be still something to gain.

Anyways the risk is very minimal compared to opening other kind of businesses. At most I could risk 10.000 euros. Even if I would lose it I think it would be worth trying and figuring out other jobs.

I have a cousine who works in China. I could think about learning chinese and being an intermediator between english/italian business and suppliers. Could build a business around that.


Great thread, been listening to TAS podcast the past few days (now called Rock Your Brand) so can try to summarise 10 hours or so of them if there is still interest?

Is there an updated thread here (or even useful blog post elsewhere) more related to the current market climate?

he tries to stay away from physical product - as there is always the problem of dodgy "trader" suppliers that may or may not deliver quality product - If you are selling the product attached to your name and business most states hold you responsible for merchantability and fitness implied warranties and the last thing you need is a fraud lawsuit from your States Attorney General around your neck.

How does one sell a product not attached to their name or business?

On this subject - how does one deal with taxes when selling on Amazon?
Is there a threshold a seller must reach before having to deal with them?