Is Boeing losing the ability to make airplanes?


Perhaps "diversity" will balance it all out after all. When the poorly designed plane starts heading downward a witch doctor with a bone through his nose imported from Africa will be alerted; Bongo Mkombogojo will wave & shake his spear whilst shouting "Bwana simba jumbo mkele mbembe limpopo induna ngoro!" whereupon the plane will realise that it's being terribly racist by malfunctioning & thereby putting its "diverse" designers in a bad light & will resume its course & land begging forgiveness ha ha.


That's what the Establishment want, though. To make international plane travel such a pain in the neck, that most men from the West, will stop travelling and stay put. And therefore, not see or experience freedom and warrior's s life, which nowadays only still exist outside of the gay Western world (except a few Bible-belt US States that still offer manly freedom). Hence the war on airplanes/carbon print.

Meanwhile, don't worry, all the 3d world hungry young men will travel by foot, boat or whatever, to invade and pillage resources and make cheap labor force, as mere inconveniences are nothing to them.

Personnally, Covid or not, I've been travelling quite extensively the world, unvaxed, generally dodging Pcrs, or if necessary, enduring a few PCRs. The Evil Establishment won't keep me "hunkered down", even though they might steal a few hours/quarantine days of my life, and occasionally probe, in vain, my well-cleaned nose.
Oh I don't mind driving ;-)


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It’s also been alleged by some that the entire 737 Max issues that resulted in two of those planes crashing had all of their avionics software written by Indian software developers in India that had no experience writing aviation software.
I wouldn't even trust an Indian with a shovel. If this is true then Boeing executives should be directly responsible for these deaths.


Yes. Like many corporations, incompetent people have gotten into positions they should not be in and have kicked most competent people out for job security. To make themselves look good, they focus on the bottom line while ignoring any potential for fallout. The worst thing is that there is no real impetus for Boeing to change as the government let it off the hook for the Max disasters.

What is going with it in South Carolina is very similar to a scandal involving DynCorp where that company was found to be hiring anyone to fix military aircraft.