Is Greta Thunberg being abused by her globalist handlers?

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Kona said:
Third, it says there is 480 million animals total in New South Wales where the fires are. That's impossible. That's too many animals. They would be all over the place.

I'm not buying any of it.


Technically, fleas, ants, earthworms, etc. are all animals.


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Little German schoolgirls part of the Greta Jugend being taught to denigrate their elders for not abiding by the Gaia party line:

"German TV -WDR - - "My grandma's an old environmental pig." Meine Oma ist ne alte Umweltsau"

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Very sad. Their grandparents would not even be boomers. It just goes to show that if you don't stand up to the globalists then no matter how far Left you signal yourself to be now, they will still turn your children against you under an even more radically Left agenda.
The good thing about the song is, that it produced a huge controversy in German media and further delegitimizes the State Media. I think stuff like that helps to awaken the normies.

On the other hand reading the comment section of Germanys biggest "conservative" newspaper (Die Welt) leaves me hopeless. Full of cuckservatives and zionists who just don't get it. The only thing they try to conserve is there money.
Of course the retarded Greta is not doing any FB posts, but that shouldn't be a surprise there. The girl can barely string 2 sentences together if she isn't coached and responds like an average beauty pageant participant at best when she has to find her own voice.

But what hope is there for her when Cambridge students here cannot see the difference between Chinese air pollution and CO2 or who think that China is an ethusiastic "green" country. They are so brainwashed that they would commit mass suicide for mother Earth.

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No More Mr. Soy Boy said:
CynicalContrarian said:

Best meme I've seen all year. HAHA!

Amusing. But the marketing firm that advises her parents and helped craft her image would never allow her to have a boyfriend.

They would determine that lesbianism (or polyamory) would generate more publicity and would therefore be a better way to "advance the Thunberg Brand."

Then they'd set her up with a Hollywood actress whose advisory team is looking to do a similar thing. This sounds like a joke, but I'm really not kidding. Female sexuality is more about marketing these days than actual sexuality. Something as retro as "a boyfriend" could result in millions in lost Thunberg revenue. And who would want that?
Got starstruck today.

Came out from the gym and walked on this tiny street and who do I see walking in my direction if not Greta Thunberg herself and her dad. I starred so much so as I was walking passed them they both smiled and Gretha looked me into the eyes and actually gave me a head nod.
Can't get a bigger IOI than that.

Anyway, her dad looks like such a wussy it's incredible. He must be forty-something, has this ugly man bun, hippie coat and when I turned around after walking past them I saw this backpack all the leftists have in Europe. That seems to be the only clothing/accessories brand that leftists use by the way, wonder why they took this one to heart, if it's eco-friendly or something...


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I would say that you should have heckled her but from experience there's usually a moment where you have to pause and think "WTF, is that actually who I think it is" and by then the moment is gone.
In response to the thread's title, yes I think this little girl has been abused beyond reproach by fat greasy men and women with large nasal cavities, while her parents counted pennies in the next room. It's the only explanation for her subversion and possession.
Renawables like wind and solar literally destroy the planet:

Also interesting - if you phased out all nuclear, then wind and solar would necessitate far more diesel and coal power plants! The guy who was responsible of the policy investments during the Obama years also notes that you have to kill and destroy a ton of natural habitat - literally murder millions of animals to get room for solar and wind. Nice touch - birds get incinerated as they fly over large solar panel plants.

It's pure utter insanity and no wonder that big oil likes it - they will sell you their backup diesel and make energy 10 times more expensive in the next decades.

Greta is peddling pure evil.


Cashing in on her fame, Greta got her own TV show.

Greta Thunberg to make new documentary series for the BBC

BBC Studios has announced a documentary series about the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. The new show will follow Thunberg’s “international crusade” against the climate emergency, focusing on her campaign work as well as her “journey into adulthood”. It will also see Thunberg meet with scientists, politicians and businesspeople to explore the evidence around rising global temperatures.

Tell me they're not about to make her the new face of beauty.