Is Greta Thunberg being abused by her globalist handlers?


She doesn't look so healthy.

Anorexia. Multiple newspapers and magazines have reported on her eating disorder before. Maybe it's her autism and asperger's syndrome, but she had really weird problems with food and eating in general. Not textbook anorexia but definitely an eating disorder with severe undereating. Many have said that when she was traveling around last year she was eating healthy, but I don't know if being cooped up at home during COVID is making her pathalogies resurface.

She is a sick girl who needs love and care from those closest to her. Instead her parents use her to vicariously chase fame. Globalist organizations exploit her character to push agendas. In the end she further recedes from normal life, well, whatever normalcy she had. Sad.


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She's got the royal flush of assorted physical and mental ailments.

She will probably start fading a bit as the face of global warming because she will be looking increasingly weird and sickly as opposed to the cute and innocent/earnest little girl PR persona they've cultivated.


She looks like a much older woman, but tiny and childish. It's bizarre, unsettling, the kind of "uncanny valley" effect you get from looking at those robots that are hyperrealistic but just not quite on point enough. It'll be sad to see how quickly it accelerates over the next several years, too. She'll look (and feel) like a 50-something hectoring cat lady by the time she's in her early twenties. It really is sad. She was just a kid.


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i believe greta at some point will end up trying to take her own life ( the female version which is not a real attempt but a plea for help ). Then go into psych treatment.

This is from four days ago. What's shocking is how frail she is looking. Remember folks she is 17 but looks like an 11 year old girl. Also, you can tell that she can hardly look in the other direction without her handler's permission. She is coached and controlled in everything she does.

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The second girl to the left is Luise Neubauer, the "leader" of Fridays for Future in Germany. I guess they are just leading her through Berlin.


Her health seems to get worse and worse. Veganism - not even once.




Vovan and Lexus, Russian pranksters who have gotten access to many high-profile celebrities and politicians, pretended to be Greta and her paedo father, pranking Sharon Stone:

A woman who's only known for being in an "erotic thriller" (read: softcore porn flick) almost 30 years ago and who has no biological children should keep her mouth SHUT about politics.
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Spitting Image, a British TV show beloved of the Left in the 1980s for mocking South Africa, now has lefties up in arms because they mocked Greta:

This freaking hilarious!!!


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Can someone bring me up to speed on this? Who is this teenage girl and why is she relevant?

She's an innocent kid who keeps getting roped into press conferences about fake global warming hoaxes. Her mother abused alcohol while pregnant which is why she looks so different. No one cares about abusing her... It's just the world we live in now.