Is Hollywood run like a Satanic cult?


I keep coming across articles and video that suggest Hollywood celebrities including musicians are forced to perform weird hazing and degrading sexual rituals in order to enter the fame club. The casting couch is not just for women, and is not just a one-time thing, and some of the rituals is rumored to be scatological. The initiation is to control the stars and make sure they don't act against Hollywood's agenda. Blackmail is hung over their heads.

The three videos on this page make amazing claims:


Video #1, which was uploaded a couple years ago, claimed that Will Smith is gay.


You ever wonder why all male Hollywood stars have a bit of gay vibe to them? Supposedly, either they were passed around as child stars or had to get buggered in parties. Will Smith's kid Jaden is already messed up and is wearing dresses.


Remember Dave Chappelle's reason for quitting the show, that a white man laughed weirdly at his race joke? That could be the reason, or maybe they wanted him to perform certain rituals that he refused to do.

Their hand signals:




Here's Lebron James giving off Satanic hand signs (Baphomet horns, all-seeing eye, then 666 symbol at 1:20). He's BFF with Jay Z.

Dave Chappelle came back in 2015 with big comedy gigs, GQ cover, interviews on talk shows. You don't get that kind of promo coverage spontaneously. Maybe he finally gave in?

I'm sure a lot of "Illuminati" claims are bullshit, but it is weird that all the stars give off those hand signals in public and their videos, and Hollywood stars are typically calm like cows and never have any problems with their bosses, producers, etc.

Cult or not, they do consider themselves as part of an elite club. The only question is what you have to give in order to enter it.


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There's supposedly some sort initiation for young actors/actresses to expose them to the industry where pedophilia is basically the norm. Pedophile parties, rampant mistreatment of youths. Sounds like an epidemic that claims child actors from the beginning.

There's a ton of information on the internet if you bother to seek it out.

Would not be surprised at all if the "satanic cult" stuff was all a part of the same fucked up culture that is "Hollywood."


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This wouldn't surprise me at all. Stuff happens behind the scenes of every industry and knowing how corrupt and evil Hollywood is, Satantic cult practices probably does happen.

However, I'm always hearing about stuff like this. Bohemian grove and how all the politician/businessman get together and do weird rituals and practices. I find it hard to believe that no one has ever come forward. Or maybe there has and we just view them as a quack or whatever.

I'm hoping some more knowledgable members can chime in. The occult has always scared me and I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole.

Edit: Roosh, please keep this coming. Its very interesting.


I think its pretty well known that male and female stars have casting couch situations in order to further their career. No doubt orgies, gay sex, etc are required.

However all these illuminati conspiracy theories appear flimsy at best. They take one thing completely out of context and give you a three second clip and scream ILLUMINATI...satan worshipers. Are there satan worshipers in Hollywood, politics, etc? No doubt.
But the witch hunts and finger pointing are ridiculous.

Lets take the first clip for example around 2:30 the voiceover guy states "gravy" is a term satanists use to signify that someone is down with the perversion and then play a clip where an actor says gravy. Must be down with Illuminati right?? There's your proof. 30 seconds of research would tell you that the actor in the clip is a little known rapper NAMED Gravy. That's why you obviously hear it in the clip. The term "gravy" is actually an outdated urban term that just means you are doing good. No satanism involved there. But the author of the clip twists it to fit his definition. He's the one with the agenda. After that obvious lie on his part I couldnt watch anymore.

Also the whole rappers are in the Illuminati thing is so played out. That was a big thing around 2010. And because it was so popular certain artists would hint at it tongue in cheek style because controversy sells and keeps people talking.Usually the fingers are pointed at Jay-Z or Kanye. C'mon. Anyone who is more than a casual Kanye and Jay-z would know that their entire catalog is filled with positive references to God and Jesus. Even the bible says a house divided against itself cannot stand, they cant serve jesus and satan at the same time.

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There was an article about Bryan Singer that came out awhile back and he was allegedly involved in big gay orgy parties where lots of underaged kids were invited to hang out.

Everything was done behind closed doors but some guy did come forward and claim he was abused by Singer and detailed that there was lots of sex going on with underaged teen kids with hollywood directors and other power brokers.

There's a lot of sick shit that goes on in show biz I wouldn't doubt a lot of freaky stuff is true. R Kelly more or less got away with pissing in some underaged kids mouth too.

Lots of degenerates in Hollywood and the music industry for sure.


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I did some digging a while back, and I was shocked and disgusted at what I found. Dig a little deeper, and you find the same patterns popping up over and over again. Orphanages in Northern England, Dunblane School Massacre (which led to the banning of firearms in England), Elm Guest House child abuse scandal, San Presidio child abuse scandal, and so on.

Dunblane School Massacre:

The interesting part is the background behind the man who carried out the attack, and the police's response. From the Wikipedia page on the perpetrator of the Dunblane school massacre:
Upon his release the parole board received a letter from Dutroux's own mother to the prison director, in which she stressed concern that he was keeping young girls captive in his house – which was essentially ignored.
In late 1995, Dutroux was arrested by police for involvement in a stolen luxury car racket. He was held in custody for three months between 6 December 1995 and 20 March 1996. Police searched Dutroux's house on 13 December 1995 and again six days later in relation to the car theft charge. During this time, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo were still alive in the basement dungeon, but in spite of their cries being heard, police failed to discover them.
Perhaps most notably, the police search of Dutroux's house on 13 December 1995 and again six days later in relation to his car theft charge, came under harshest scrutiny.[9] During this time, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo were still alive in the basement dungeon, but the police failed to discover them. Since the search was unrelated to kidnapping charges, police searching the house had no dogs or specialised equipment that might have discovered the girls' presence, and in an otherwise decrepit and dirty basement they failed to recognize the significance of the freshly plastered and painted wall that concealed the dungeon. While in the basement, a locksmith who was accompanying the police said he clearly heard children's cries coming from inside the house, but was overruled by the police, who concluded the cries must have come from the street outside.[9] Which is especially remarkable since the country was at that time in the midst of a nationwide search for missing children.

Elm Guest House Scandal:
Prominent British men alleged to have attended the Guest House include former government ministers, senior MPs, top police officers, judges, pop stars, and people with links to the Royal Households.
Probably bullshit. Oh wait..
In 2015, the Independent Police Complaints Commission began investigating claims that the Metropolitan Police had suppressed evidence of child sexual abuse and prevented the investigation of some allegations between 1970 and 2005, because of the alleged involvement of police officers and MPs.

San Presidio child abuse scandal:
It became so out of hand that even the new york times picked up on it:

I was going to break down the events, but the allegations are pretty horrific. I'm not gonna post them here. If you want to read further, here's a pretty comprehensive link: It includes names, dates, addresses.

That's only the start of it. Rotterham anyone? The rot goes deeper than you think. Further research is not for the faint of heart. I'm usually not the paranoid type, but this shit is happening too often and too inexplicably to be mere coincidence.


Remember the claims that Hayden Panettiere was part of a Hollywood escorting ring? Amber Smith said she was in one when she was on Celebrity Rehab. A friend who is an actor was recruited to be "entertainment" at a gay party in Hollywood. Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and L. Ron Hubbard were part of Jack Parson's sex magic cult which was the American chapter of Aleister Crowley's OTO.

Sex slaves, sex magic, satanic worship (from people who outwardly profess to be atheists), etc - I've heard it from enough angles to completely believe it exists. Most of the people flashing the symbols are just imitating popular culture but would join in if given an invite.


Money is a cult itself. The more a person has the more they are expected to tow the line. Not to long ago in any given town or city all the rich people knew each other. Now instead it is entire industries.


Speaking of the OTO - it's making a major resurgence.

The old guard, like Bowie, Jimmy Page and Bruce Dickinson, have recruited a number of musicians, including Jay-Z.

Here's Peaches Geldof's tattoo:



That first video I was laughing so hard I don't care if it's true or not

"they call her up to the penthouse, shes all excited thinking shes going to sign a contract but noooooooooo they gonna pop her in da ass"

"Cassie is P.Diddy's slave did you know that?
she is his slave, oh yes she is.......when diddy want to impress someone he's bringing on,
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