Is Hollywood run like a Satanic cult?


My father was born in 1945, he went on to be a bad ass in the military in ways I did not know until he died and a cousin served under a commander in Iraq who knew my dad. I have discussed him once or twice here.

He was dressed like this as a baby. They were handme downs that were comfortable and easy for a mother to put on. Head hole and arm holes. Mary Jane shoes are easier than shoelaces. Don't put modern day homo stuff on the past. People were practical back then, they didn't go shopping at the mall when they had a new baby.
Roosevelt's parents were rich landowners---they could have bought new boy's clothes for their son every month and had a barber cut his hair short!

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Things you notice is that for example Ian Fleming, founder of James Bond, was an actual spy for the British intelligence service before coming up with the concept of James Bond. What I liked is that it gave a very complete insight in mass psychological manipulation and the full spectrum dominance the forces who run the world have, as they align here to form an octopus of evil which is presented as something ''fun, entertaining and innocent''. For me, as not necessarily the biggest movie lover, the fact that many movies were analysed were no hindrance at all as always the bigger picture is central.

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I think a current major factor in the decline of movie star juice is social media. They are stupid enough to be themselves, and it removes their mystique. (The vast majority are NPCs, just like the rest of society.) And in many cases, they repel their fans.

Here is an example. This actor was in Breaking Bad, a show people loved and still watch. Here is a recent twitter post. Why is he even weighing in on this. Now we know he is a douche

I saw that tweet the other day without having any idea who that guy is, I interpreted it as "Will Smith wouldn't have had the balls to slap Joe Rogan".

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Megan Fox and her three boys.
Even with their mother pushing this, those boys would have probably rebelled, if it weren't for the Hollywood environment, where their gender bending is affirmed by all the people around them, probably even other young boys, who are raised in equally toxic circumstances.

I pray God will steer them to salvation and sanity.


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So, it proves what we have known forever now: that hollywood is populated by weirdos who practice all kinds of creepy nonsense.
Many such cases.
Yeah it might make sense just to ignore this stuff. It'll never go away, and getting worked up over it won't make the slightest different. Isn't that exactly what they want? Us giving over our energy to them?


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This explains her recent "comeback". She went into obscurity for years didn't she? Was hardly seen, no movies. Now she's back talking about drinking blood and is in the limelight again constantly. Oh I wonder why.

These women are showcased as role models and social influencers, with the main target group being the most impressionable and sensitive group, young women. The actresses that rise today are those that are the most compliant to the program, like this freak over here who raises her three boys as girls.

Russians are going the opposite way, promoting motherhood and raising normal babies in normal families in their popular culture. This has actually helped raise the fertility rate of young Russian woman, as well as lowering their abortion rates.
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