Is LinkedIn Any Good?


I’m surprised no-one in the so-called manosphere/ red pill movement has discussed LinkedIn as the social media and dating app dynamic which has excluded many men from the dating market is at work on LinkedIn. Entry level men will be mostly affected by this.

True I'm 21, and mainly working on internships.

LinkedIn is terrible for getting a decent job, but the best dating site out there. It beats Tinder/Instagram/etc for me.

Easiest social network (oops I meant "professional" network) to meet women. Might be a good place to find a wife or wifey material.

Since 2018, I primarily used LinkedIn to meet women with a high success rate. Professional/networking purposes are secondary.

I won't divulge details on how I meet women off LinkedIn for obvious reasons. I also use it to "keep in touch" with women I meet in real life.

Could you share man, a few people have had a similar interest in meeting professional women, if the one of the main reasons includes the forums religious roots, the guide can be seen as a way to meet and vet candidates for marriage instead of it being "Bang: Linkedin edition" :laughter: . There's also a meme I've seen, where people post pictures of their linkedin(looking professional), facebook (looking family oriented) then tinder (showing things which you may make you reconsider them as wifey) something to look into, but still an interesting method.


If you are very young and inexperienced and do not have many real world contacts, it may be useful. I used it a lot many years ago when I was looking for a new job and found it to be completely useless. I had a much better return on my time spent contacting real world contacts. Even recruiters I knew from past experience or found through referrals were far superior to anyone I encountered on LinkedIn. The most active recruiters on there seemed to be fringe dwellers.


Easiest social network (oops I meant "professional" network) to meet women. Might be a good place to find a wife or wifey material.

Since 2018, I primarily used LinkedIn to meet women with a high success rate. Professional/networking purposes are secondary.

Are you referring to cold connecting with women? Or semi-warm through mutual connections?

Also, how do you frame your first in person meet? Does it start with a business context and then you transition into personal or just go straight to personal?

Interested to know how this works a little.


LinkedIn has always been a place for corporate virtue signalling. Right now there are all kinds of BLM posts from corporations and all the stooges.

It gives insight into what is coming next in the Corporate world. Rainbow flags, BLM socialism. They are shaking hands with their own destruction.

It is a reminder that our time working in these places peacefully is coming to an end. Every day the level of virtue signalling escalates.
Organic (free) reach on LinkedIn is really high for the time being. In 2019 it was a no brainer. Sooner rather than later it will taper off.

If you can commit to putting out at least one piece of content per week, it will show to nearly every one of your connections. Then, if you can commit to reaching out to people on the platform (not in a spammy way), you can also grow your connections.

It is also RELATIVELY devoid of the virtue signalling and white noise on other popular social media platforms. I say relatively, because that junk is still on there, and growing every day.

In summary, yes, LinkedIn is worth putting some time into. Once you connect with people and show them some helpful content, make sure you move them off platform to your CRM or email list though. Don't rely on the platform by itself.

Social in general rewards video, but at least for my clients I have seen just as much reach/engagement with graphics and photo galleries on LinkedIn. So mix it up.
Part of my job is interacting with LinkedIn really often, and while it's really important in anything related to sales (particularly in lead generation, like you said), HR, business-end leadership, I'd say if you're not in those industries it's not worth more than maybe an hour every couple of weeks.

To most of my peers I recommend they make a profile since it acts like a living resume.

Be sure to make a thorough profile though, especially if you're in the job market. In my experience at my work, while you may not be working in the industry, whatever HR-recruiter-type will check if you exist on it.


Agree about the nature of the industry - YMMV.

That some people noticed LinkedIn is trying to be more like Facebook Lite is no small coincidence, it's something LI has been trying to do for a while. Most people go there, update the profile, answer messages and maybe look for a job, but the paid version is better for that.

In fact if I see too many posts from someone I know I immediately wonder if they're out of work or just permanently distracted.

The dating app aspect is also something I've heard, though it seems like it'd be used mostly as a verification tool. LI is probably the last place I would look for a wife, though I see how the network perspective could be useful.

LI is a fact of life in the corporate world. Lots of recruiting spam, but many more legit outfits use it too. It also doesn't take much to ID the older job seeker who's a bit out of touch, tech wise. Errors, incomplete profiles, old or obsolete certifications all tell a story - ageism is alive and well, so beware.

What's worse for all workers young or old (or perhaps useful, depending upon your angle) are resumes that don't match the LI profile. If you're going to paper over gaps or create exaggerations, at least be sharp enough to make the details match all the way around.


The dating app aspect is also something I've heard, though it seems like it'd be used mostly as a verification tool. LI is probably the last place I would look for a wife, though I see how the network perspective could be useful.

Can someone touch on how you can get dates off LinkedIn? I see the potential but have no clue how to do so.


LinkedIn is one of those things where the corporate zeitgeist has made it necessary because NPCs, but if you ask me, in terms of objective value, LinkedIn is worse than dog crap. We would all be better off if it didn't exist.


In Tech, Linkedin is the way to get jobs. I got my last 3 jobs on LinkedIn.
I honestly don't pay attention to LinkedIn posts, I just get recruiter action and it's easy to apply for jobs there.
There was a show on TV once called 30 Rock, somewhat funny at times. Anyways, the main character was talking to another about somebody with a linkedin account. HIs words were, "Oh my god Lemon, he's on linkedin, he might as well be dead."


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I'll put in my 2 cents:

Background - I'm on LinkedIN from 2006. Power user, almost 11K direct contacts.

LinkedIN is a tool. One uses tools for specific purposes.
So the first thing you to ask is: What's the goal/purpose?

If it is to get a job - as stated by several people, it depends on the industry. For most (but not all) - it's a good fit.
If it is to have online professional reputation - it's great.
If it is to do BizDev - it's good.
If it is for networking - it's great.

What you need to do once on the platform:
1. Connect with everyone you know personally.
2. Write some content (emphasis on some)
3. Make sure you meet your contacts (those for which it is possible) offline.
4. Make your profile as impressive as you can

Dating - just don't.

If you want more - DM me. I may be able to help with guidence.


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It's a useful tool for job hunting, and for business to lead gen, but it's becoming more and more like Facebook or whatever, with people putting political opinions on there etc.


I've admittedly not had much luck with linkedin, thought of deleting. Never had a job interview from something I've applied to and the conversations with recruiters all ended up busts. (bad fits or jobs that never materialized) Had much more luck with indeed.


LinkedIn is very useful. Good? Um, I'll stick with useful. In fact its a "must have". LinkedIN is a social media network for professionals. Its a forum that attracts any and all professionals of all sorts. Networking is a critical component to business and this is a very good application for networking.

Not to take away too much from LinkedIn, but, given advent of the internet, such an application was bound to happen sooner or later. The web's fundamental value is that it brings people and even things together efficiently. I once thought of a similar app for military veterans. In other words, the concept isn't too brilliant. That LinkedIn became the winner is due to their own acumen, to be fair, but, also luck, in the same way Facebook is a multi billion dollar company (by valuation) and Friendster or MySpace are not and with emphasis not even close. I've notice that in the tech space it tends to be winner takes all. Seldom if at all do you see a close second or third. And stranger still, it comes down to luck of the draw.

It is increasingly becoming infected by the woke, which sadly isn't saying anything too extraordinary or surprising these days. The LinkedIN logo has adopted some kind of new flag of sorts that honors "black history month". And when the homosexual "month" rolls around they put the rainbow up there along with many other companies.

LinkedIn may want to take into account that many people do not celebrate imposed holidays (that last for a month vs. a day), but, they'll do it anyway because just like Coke they've been infiltrated the organization and have the c-suite held hostage.