Is popular music evil?


CynicalContrarian said:
Well Boston certainly had a nasty effect on Gerald...

Ugh. I'm ashamed now.

Clearly they induced toxic masculinity in Gerald.

Forget everything I wrote up there.

Oh no, @ 3:23 of this tune by "Boston" ( subversive innocent-sounding U.S. town ... ha! nice try Bolsheviks! ), people are CLAPPING to an ACOUSTIC GUITAR, no wonder when I heard this I felt like robbing old ladies.



I think this whole evil thing really took off in four instances:

  1. When 440Hz became the musical standard after WWII. People say 432Hz is the frequency of nature and 440Hz is mind control.
  2. When the Beatles' song Helter Skelter became connected to the Manson Family.
  3. When Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi used the devil's tritone in the song Black Sabbath. He said he modified the one in Holst's Mars, Bringer of War. I believe him since Black Sabbath's debut album was released on 2/13/1970, exactly 83 years after Wagner's death. Wagner is a favorite composer of many metal musicians.
  4. The two animal incidents...One where the crowd at an Alice Cooper concert ripped a chicken to pieces. The other was Ozzy Osbourne biting off the head of a bat onstage. How he didn't get rabies or coronavirus is beyond me.
African Americans contributed to every musical trend over the last centuries in history. From blues to rock to pop to rap boy bands and ballads . However I find most pop music to be very shallow and annoying. It's the same rhyming and completely sexually motivated music centred around the whole teen lifestyle. But there are some exceptions, like Michael Jackson. But pop music these days is all about the catchy lines and people's relationship escapades like the Taylor Swift's of the
world singing about how she got dumped last week. Music is one of my passions, relaxing to listen to and it makes going to the club much more enjoyable.


Zep said:
Rush, those sorts of bands that seem more about trying to craft thoughtful music that's well composed and performed - I dig that.

Rush promoted fornication--before Neil took over lyrics duties.

It also glorified the satantic pentagram (complete with a little homo-erotic butt action).


Zep said:
Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy this great tune by Boston.

Hah--a wolf in sheep's clothing! Boston promoted drug use! ;)

Seriously, if you want purity in music then limit yourself to Gregorian chant.


chillwave said:
they call him the boss

Piece of trash? That's a great song.

This guy is over analyzing to the max. Maybe the protag in the song married the wrong woman or the relationship has gone sour. There are many more reasons to pick on today's music than songs from the 80s that actually came from singer-songwriters like Springsteen instead of being manufactured like they are now for political reasons.


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I haven't been stateside for a few years but over here in Europe everywhere you go feminized pop synth permeates the air. It's all they play at my gym and it drives me nuts. It's not just annoying, it's highly emasculating as it creates an aura of modernity, liberalism, and individualism. Basically it serves as subliminal indoctrination and it's highly effective. Would not be surprised if it was partially responsible for falling sperm counts - I kid you not.

I personally protect myself by using expensive isolating in-ear plugs so that I don't have to ruin my hearing by drowning out all that crap.

Er Miqué

Everything modern or popular most of the time (~93% of cases) has something evil either apparent or disguised. Some Rock music has an interesting drum pattern that sometimes resembles those used in shamanism rituals and that kind of african stuff where people get hypnotized and feel those "mystical spiritual experiences" in a trance. A lot of bands used that, whether the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix, from hippie music to metal, the difference is just how they do it. Now imagine how susceptible you are to the stuff they say if that music is made to hypnotize you. And then add to it nowadays all the satanic and occult symbolism so clearly shown.

You should be careful what you feed your ears and soul.

If you still would like some Rock music then I would recommend the music of the Jesus Freak movement of the 60's, even if it was still a bit hippie: that movement helped some people change their ways to something better. It led to the making of some decent albums, it's clean and peaceful music and it doesn't make you a communist. There's a book called "The Archivist 4th Edition" by Ken Scott that is a list of all those albums and more, you will find something you like as I've already done; that movement is so wide and big once you get deep into it, a lot of music. Gregorian Chants are better though.

What makes me think a lot is all these Christian variations of these subcultures, like Christian Punks and Christian Rappers and that stuff.

Rob Banks

I've never really been all that into popular music, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about here, but I never understood why everyone defends Michael Jackson so much.

I mean, even if his music was really that good (which I don't think it was), he was credibly accused of molesting little boys and even settled out of court with them for tens of millions. If that had been literally any other famous person, they would be vilified and hated. Just look what happened to Bill Cosby (who was accused of abusing adults, not children).

But Jackson gets a pass because he's "the King of Pop."
I think musicians have the possibility to serve the good, there are many living good lives, while someone like actors are almost universally complete pieces of shit. Every time you learn about the personal lives of actors, they are exposed as complete degenerates.
I think musicians have the possibility to serve the good, there are many living good lives, while someone like actors are almost universally complete pieces of shit. Every time you learn about the personal lives of actors, they are exposed as complete degenerates.

This is because no one becomes famous without scandal or dirty secrets. If so, there were very few. Musicians on the other hand, genuine ones, have to work diligently on a skill as opposed to putting on a facade or a face in front of a crowd or a camera. Most actors sold out, probably less than 10% of mainstream ones are not satanists or homos. Musicians I would say the amount is lower, but of the mainstream pop ones, they are almost all part of the cult.


Man, I don't see anything wrong with appreciating non-religious music or listening to music everyday. I do love silence as well. Music is whatever I can find pleasing to my ears, rain, wind, etc. I'm a musician and music has been a doorway to virtue in every sense since I got into it from a very early age. Hard work and discipline is necessary if you want to master an instrument. Complex thinking needs to be developed to appreciate music vertically and horizontally, melodically and harmonically wise I mean. Your appreciation for aestethetics is also improved. You start to see what´s ugly, what's bad and look for what's good and pure, but guess what, that requires hardwork and discipline. If you're into the right type of music then even philosophy merges into the all the nuances of the artistic creation of a piece. What is the artist trying to tell me? what's the purpose of this song? What is the metaphore behind the piece? What does this outro do for the piece overall? A zillion of things that you can do when appreciating music. Imagine how complex this gets when you want to create or make music.

Even music that fuels negative emotions such as anger and rage may have positive results for you to release that energy into catharsis in a positive way. I listen to angry music when I feel angry at how mad things in this world are. Isn´t God angry as well? I'm also a believer with Tolkien (Christian) on the topic of sub-creation. He describes that all things were created by God and authors/artists are just mere little makers who sub-create from his own divine creation. The power of the divine then can manifest as well through music. Just my 2 cents.

''Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.'' Philippians 4:8

PS: Fuck most of current popular music, crappy rap, shitty pop and most EDM crap. I can´t stand most of that junk.

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I think a lot of it has to do with hypnotism, and inducing certain feelings and emotions in people. The lyrics are important, yes, as they subtly influence your mind - if you endlessly listen to music that says 'do drugs', you're much more likely to do drugs. But the actual music itself can shift people's state of emotional being.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla