Is smoking a sin?


Just wanted to share a perspective, like you Orthodox do in the Catholicism forum. And as far as I know, the majority of Orthodox churches do not view it as a sin, either.
But they do. It's not an issue to be decided in an Ecumenical council, however it is a point that is constantly repeated in sermons and in confession, according to what modern saints instruct.


Ah, this one is easy. Obviously, if you smoke compulsively, it's a sin. If you occasionally smoke for pleasure, I don't see the problem. I don't think Orthodoxy is about puritanism, or ever was. In some cases, it's a sin not to smoke, if you do it for excessively hygienic reasons, such as fearing 'potential' sickness, mistrusting life and idolizing the body. Such a person might need a smoke, to overcome his paranoia. We live in a world where "passive smoking" has become a "problem". Such is the mind of the modern western urbanite. When you think about it, what started as a public smoking ban a few years ago has now ended up in a situation where it is illegal to breathe without a mask. This means our body fluids have become politicized by the same politicians than tell you smoking is bad.

Healthism is a sin. Smoke responsibly.
Apparently smoking was one of the big debates between the canonical Orthodox and the Old Believers in Russia, back in the day. It got to a point where the Nikonians were taking smoke breaks during the liturgy and the Old Believers thought smoking was absolutely sinful.

If anyone's been to Russia, I'm curious if this still happens.