Is there an online service where you can speak with foreign women trying to practice English?


This might sound kind of lame, but in these COVID medical gulag times I had the thought yesterday - As a lifelong introvert who's always had to exercise my conversation and social muscles or see them atrophy pathetically, my social skills are unfortunately suffering from the fact that:

1. My midsized city is full of masked up people terrified by COVID, and all of my past avenues for meeting women and keeping my flirting skills sharp (concerts, festivals, public events, travel) are dead. It's also getting colder and shittier outside so even less people out in public.
2. I work from home and only interact in person with a handful of people (mostly men), and otherwise it's all business videoconferencing.
3. Online dating is a self-esteem destroying hellhole that has never worked well for me so I refuse to reengage.
4. I used to travel a lot and speaking with local women from a variety of experiences was always very fun and eye opening as they were much more interesting than the average "proud liberal" around my town.

Just being able to have conversations with people around the world each day would really help to keep my conversation skills up. Right now I'm really only interacting with my circle of family and friends and business network in a professional setting. Does anyone know of any online service where one can connect via videoconferencing with strangers (preferably young women obviously haha) that are trying to learn English, or something similar to what I'm looking for? I'm not looking for something like this with any goal in mind other than talking with people around the world and trying to sharpen up my social skills. I hope to find an opportunity to travel abroad soon but I know that's a big uncertainty.

edit: this is not for videocalls, but I guess it can develop into that quite quickly.
Stop looking outside and focus on what is within.
Aussie is on the money here. You can improve your conversational flow better with practice no doubt, but the flow has to come from within first and foremost. Online platforms only give so much, they lack closeness and spirit (to some degree) - I have online courses right now and it's a fraction of the actual campus feeling. I'd advise you to still seek people outside despite the coronacircus. Also read the book Fear of Life by Alexander Lowen, it will help you greatly to become less introverted and gets your flow running - basically tells you to accept your character structure which enables you to be instead of performing throughout the day.

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edit: this is not for videocalls, but I guess it can develop into that quite quickly.
I met my wife here. People use it as a dating site, but because it's not a dating site per se, the atmosphere is great and the girls are much higher quality.