Is there any way to upload a file that is too large?

Rob Banks

I tried to upload a video that I edited (it is a 30-minute interview with a doctor regarding COVID policies, and I added English subtitles), but it's telling me the file is too large to upload.

Is there any way to upload, or would I have to just put it on YouTube and then post a link?


Youtube no way, your C video could be purged if the context does not fit to the MSN narrative.

I like to post certain videos here in the forum
and the user can download the video directly from the website (no add-on needed),
but seems to be the new bitchute,
but with more comfort / features.
More and more free media vloggers using Odysee, which is a further development of LBRY.
If you want to download Odysee video just right-click the video and save it to disk.
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