Is Voting In Federal Elections Worth It?

Is voting worth it?

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It’s hard to say:

It can’t hurt , but after 2020 I have no faith in our rugged elections. Does it mean voting doesn’t matter? Nah it still matters but like others have said we have a uniparty. The politicians don’t have your best interests in mind.
It's why so many of them also believe that it's possible to just vote our way out of our situation. They attribute to mere stupidity, mere incompetence what should be attributed to malice. The schools aren't 'failing' us because of a shortage of money or teachers. The schools are 'failing' us because it is doing so by design. But still, stubbornly they cling to the notion that no, it's just incompetence. Immigration is just government laziness and incompetence, not a coordinated strategy to replace the white electorate.