ITT: We Post When We Help Someone Find Christ

The Beast1

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This thread is simple. In this thread, you post when you have advised someone to follow the truth and return to Christ.

My story: a Latvian woman living in France sought me out for advice on an article I wrote regarding predictive techniques used by hellenistic astrologer Vettius Valens. She initially wanted a reading which I don't do because I have a fear of leading someone astray with a misinterpretation. Every time when I get these messages it's typically someone who is seeking spiritual counseling. We talked, sure enough she was sad that she was in her late 30s, lost her job, and was having trouble making ends meet. She was wondering if anything in her chart would imply a turn around.

I told her that is not how the hellenist system worked and instead asked her what her relationship to Christ was. Since she was born in the Soviet Union she was never baptized. Living in the modern secular EU, she was told to look into eastern mysticism which again is trash. Eventually we came to a point where I told her to seek Christ and to find a church that fits her childhood culture and to that she said Orthodoxy.

So she went and began her inquiry.