James Corbett of "The Corbett Report"


I like him. He's definitely better than that Irish guy a lot of you seem to salivate over, who gives me an irritable feeling (computerscience or something).

He (Corbett) has done absolutely outstanding research on the Rockefellars, their influence on modern medicine and vaccines and their implications on our current health.

His economic reports seem solid too.

As for the Theological aspect of his reporting, this is a must watch:



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Corbett is the real deal. I remember his work on Timothy McVeigh which was enough to convince me that he was an operative used to frame the "right wing" back in the 90s. It's often forgotten that the current situation was foreshadowed a generation ago under Clinton, when it was decided that "militias" and other bad whites needed to be set up and destroyed. This was a combination of making a fake boogeyman, and nipping in the bud any real potential threat and was quite successful.


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Yeah, the Patriot Act was conceived and prepared in conjunction with the OKC false flag bombing. A lot of the writing was done by senator Joe Biden, and the judge who covered up presided over that event was no other than Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General.

So you know that if (when) the next "white supremacist" terror event will happen, Garland will "take care" of it.

There won't be any islamic terror events in the US, at least not for a few years, because Biden and the neocons are going all in with the jihadis in Syria.


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I'm watching the documentary on Timothy McVeigh. It's fascinating:

Screenshot 2022-07-06 01.03.04.png



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This is right up Corbett's alley, he's the best at covering homegrown false flags, as well as the history of the American deep state and the Rockefellers.

You learn things like the guy who was sent to cover up the prosecution and judiciary on the OKC Bombing was Obama's SCOTUS nominee, Merrick Garland...