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A thread to discuss the videos and writings of Janice Fiamengo. She is a retired professor of English who used to be a feminist and now is an "anti-feminist." She has always struck me as genuine and not just being contrarian for attention. She is skilled at approaching the topic in an academic way and researching the history of feminism. In short, her stance is all the major claims of feminism, past and present, are lies, feminism has always been about female superiority and hating men, and it's one of the most destructive movements in history.



Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say
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I’ve seen a few of her videos and they are amazing. Really eye opening stuff. Her video on John Stuart Mill, about the psyche of the male feminist, is very illuminating. I hadn’t considered the possibility that it was a man, with a deep need to pedestalize women due to his own psychic wounds, who was really behind a lot of this feminist ideology. Apparently Mill’s father was a control freak too, which might have caused him to become overly hostile to men and worship women: