Jeremy Clarkson


Orthodox Inquirer
I always thought Amazon was a weird fit for him and Top Gear. I'm guessing Bezos was a fan of Top Gear or something. I have enjoyed all the content he's put out there including Clarkson's Farm. Don't agree with his seed oil crops and being anti-Organics but it's his land I guess. Hope he will bounce back on another platform or even his own. I'm sure he could crowdfund quite a bit.


Well, Amazon signed a three year contract for Grand Tour, how convenient, it's almost as if they knew the plandemic would stop everything dead.... oops, what a coincidence... yeah, just a coincidence.


Back to the time when exciting new cars were the norm and the automotive industry wasn't gay and dead yet.

I couldn't ever see Clarkson getting excited about EV's. I don't think he could feign excitement, even for all the money in the world.

In all honesty, Clarkson may just want to step away from clown world, maybe just stick to writing his newspaper column, and spend time on things that really matter. He is in his 60s now and has had a few significant health scares recently. Couldn't see him making any major forays into different projects, which is a shame as I always liked Clarkson's humour and presentation style.