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@PNN: An exact quote, by the way.


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Biden had a prepared list of reporters to call on, he appeared to go off-script when he called on Doocy, whom he called 'the most interesting guy that I know in the press.'

How the MSM are covering Biden's head-down moment:

Newsweek have cut the segment from their video and also "Donald Trump Jr. Faces Backlash After Saying Joe Biden Showed 'Weakness' at Briefing"

BezosPost - Biden Escalates His Efforts to Pop The Fox News Bubble (pay wall, moment not included in their video summary, though another article has the moment as its banner image, not referenced in the article)

CNN - ignored

The Guardian - ignored

Salon - ignored

MSNBC - used the image, but made no reference to the moment

Forbes cover the exchange, but do not mention the head in hands moment

The rest from the Daily Mail:

The New York Times avoided using the image of Biden hanging his head. The newspaper noted in the news section that Biden's defense of the Afghanistan withdrawal was 'unlikely to satisfy his critics, including some members of his own party, who disagreed with the way Mr. Biden brought an end to the war.'

The Associated Press caption on a photo of Biden hanging his head described it thus: 'President Joe Biden pauses as he listens to a question about the bombings at the Kabul airport that killed at least 12 U.S. service members.'

Meanwhile they are still running with the story the Republican media monster is running amok -

Screenshot at 2021-08-28 04-21-38.png

Screenshot at 2021-08-28 04-21-57.png

RT rubbing it in -

Plus, President Biden reveals during a press conference he is only answering questions from reporters he was told to call on.

Riots are fast becoming the norm on the streets of Portland and the national media doesn't care.

President Biden gives a warning to those responsible for the terror attacks killing and wounding U.S. troops at Kabul airport. Do we believe him?

Reporting on the exploits of Hunter Biden is off limits to the mainstream media, but soon there will be a movie all about "My Son Hunter '', directed by actor Robert Davi.
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Sleepy Joe is probably wishing he did not steal win the US presidency, at this point. At the 8:00:00 mark, Biden takes a nap during a press conference, with Israeli Pres. Bennett:

Biden Appears to Fall Asleep During Meeting With Israeli Prime Minister
President Joe Biden appeared to momentarily fall asleep during an Oval Office meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, on Friday.

As Bennett spoke about US-Israeli relations, Biden appeared to close his eyes and lower his head around the end of his speech.


Psaki is ready to cover (via @graymatter):