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I worked in an old folks home and saw lots of people with dementia. When they start losing their long term memory, they start to get violent e.g. run over you with their walker, push you etc. They also get verbally aggressive and often curse. All signs of a declining mental health.
They also tend to hark back to the old times of throwing racial slurs and other insults out in public. :laughter:

Joe has done that in the past so it will be a matter of time till he does it again without realising.


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This topic was mentioned before. It's important to keep an eye on.

Joe Biden’s disastrous plans for America’s suburbs

If you live in the suburbs or you’re a city dweller eyeing a move to a quiet cul-de-sac where your kids can play outside, you need to know about Joe Biden’s plan for a federal takeover of local zoning laws.

The ex-veep wants to ramp up an Obama-era social engineering scheme called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing that mercifully barely got underway before President Trump took office, vowing to stop it.

Biden’s plan is to force suburban towns with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of their leafy neighborhoods — local preferences and local control be damned.

Starting in 2015, President Barack Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development floated a cookie-cutter requirement for “balanced housing” in every suburb. “Balanced” meant affordable even for people who need federal vouchers. Towns were obligated to “do more than simply not discriminate,” as a 2013 HUD proposal explained. Rather, towns had to make it possible for low-income minorities to choose suburban living and provide “adequate support to make their choices possible.”

Had the rule been implemented nationwide, towns everywhere would have had to scrap zoning, build bigger water and sewer lines to support high-density living, expand schools and social services and add mass transit. All pushing up local taxes. Towns that refused would lose their federal aid.

The rule was one of the worst abuses of the Obama-Biden administration — a raw power grab masquerading as racial justice.

In Westchester, County Executive Rob Astorino battled the Obama-Biden administration for years, successfully resisting the baseless smear of racism. Zoning laws limit what can be built in a neighborhood in neutral fashion, Astorino explained, not who can live there.

To be absolutely clear, denying anyone the chance to rent or buy a home because of their race is abhorrent and illegal. It should be prosecuted whenever it still happens.

African Americans have been steadily leaving inner cities and choosing suburban lifestyles, according to Brookings Institution data. Many families — of all races — want the peace of mind of letting their kids ride bikes around quiet neighborhood streets. That’s what zoning laws provide.

The real barrier to suburban living is money. Living in the ’burbs isn’t cheap. HUD Secretary Ben Carson told a House committee last May that “people can only afford to live in certain places.” It’s “not because George Wallace is blocking the door.”

Biden and the equality warriors are using accusations of racism to accomplish something different. Their message is: You worked and saved to move to the suburbs, but you can’t have that way of life unless everyone else can, too.

Count on Trump to make Biden’s war on the suburbs a key issue in the election. In his Rose Garden news conference Thursday, the president came out swinging, warning that Biden would “totally destroy the beautiful suburbs” by “placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning.”

In response, the left and its media allies played the race card. As usual. On MSNBC, Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said, “I hear the words of a racist.” CNN accused the president of fearmongering “white suburban voters.” But it’s CNN that is being racist — by assuming that only whites own homes in the suburbs.

Trump is talking to suburban homeowners of all ethnicities. If you buy a house in a neighborhood with quarter-acre zoning, you don’t want a high-density housing complex built at the end of the street.

The president won the suburbs in 2016, but polls show Trump trailing in the suburbs largely because of opposition from women. They need to focus on what’s at stake for their families.

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have fled the city in the past four months, many of them spending their savings and taking out a mortgage to buy a home in the suburbs. The same dynamic is playing out in many other regions nationwide. For these transplants, the stakes are high.

The outcome of the November election will determine the value of their new home, the size of their property tax bill and the character of the town they now call home.


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They can't let this guy run.

Is the democrat plan to let the world continue burning with Trump at the helm? Then in four years they got no choice but to elect someone like Kanye or Cardi B?



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I don't know what the current high school curriculum is, but haven't young teens learned or taken some kind of personal finance subject in high school regarding how paychecks, taxes, etc. work?

I learned basic personal finance in high school before I started working my first part-time job at 16. Poor kid...his reactions were telling when he first opened his paycheck. :D

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I find it funny how all the polls say this guy will be our next president yet he can't even break triple digit livestream viewers and we're only on page 11 of this thread. He's so low energy I think it drains energy from people just thinking about him. It's a real endeavor to write anything about this guy. He's a sad, awkward, pervert, simple as.


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I find it funny how all the polls say this guy will be our next president yet he can't even break triple digit livestream viewers and we're only on page 11 of this thread. He's so low energy I think it drains energy from people just thinking about him. It's a real endeavor to write anything about this guy. He's a sad, awkward, pervert, simple as.
Saw a ~two minute clip of Ben Shapiro squealing quickly that Trump was not a sure thing in November...

Really Ben...?

Take away all the fake news, all the fake polls, take away all the D.C. & Twitter political punditry & all the other nonsense.
What reason or motives do the average Joe, Jane or Jose on the street have, to vote for Biden?

If one's immediate thought is - "He's not Trump."

That's a big problem for the Deluded Demonrats...


The reason Biden is ahead in the majority of the polls is that most normie voters remember Biden as the "aww shux" VP from the Obama era, not the current decrepit version that can't speak full sentences. That's why they won't let him debate Trump.


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Yes, I'm going to be making a lot of money betting on the election again. The question is who will take the wagers? Mostly, books are scared.
Betfair currently has Trump winning at 2.70 to 1

I'm not taking that bet. The potential for mail in voting fraud is too great, heavily pro-Dem demographic shift, combined with pro-Trump voices online and in the media being silenced.

I want him to win, but it's far less certain than it was against Hilldawg. Maybe if it hit 4 to 1 without any real changes, I might make a bet.

I've currently got a large extreme longshot bet on Gov Newsom replacing Biden at the convention, due to his state's large number of Dem electors, close patronage from Pelosi, and his relative success mitigating the HEALTH costs of Rona. He's relatively wellknown, obviously wants to run for President, and is young and healthy enough to contrast well with Biden and Trump. His race would not scare off swing boomers, BLM has already shored up VoCs, so it's unlikely the candidate would be Black. I bet at ~750, and it's now widened to 1000 unfortunately.

It's insane that people would bet on Hillary Clinton getting the nomination, 38:1 is a joke. She's a has been and it'll make the party into a joke.


Hold up guys. Your money is valuable, it can be used to buy supplies and other necessary things at the situation in the USA gets worse.

Trump barely won in 2016 by about 100,000 votes spread across 4 states. The polls in 2016 were pretty accurate, they were just off a little in those 4 states and Hillary did win the overall popular election by what the polling predicted. The polls were not that far off.

The polls have been adapted and right now Biden is burying Trump. It isn't even close right now, in some swing states Biden is up 8 points. And Trump is getting nothing done for his base, which has them even more demoralized.

If you factor in...

Demographic changes in the 4 states Trump barely won in 2016.
Coronavirus mishandling by Trump.
Riots mishandling by Trump.
Trump getting nothing done for his base.
Economic disaster.
White voters leaving Trump in droves while Hispanic and Black voters not moving over to Trump. White citizens who are unregistered voters so far are not registering at nearly the rate of hispanic and black future voters.

Trump is in serious trouble of losing, which IMO he doesn't care if he loses, he just wants to payback his bosses after decades of them lifting him up.

Don't bet your hard earned money on Trump right now. Wait to see if something changes to make it swing towards Trump.

Biden's team is playing this very smart. They are wisely keeping Biden hidden. They are playing on the racial strife. And they, most importantly, are not shooting themselves in the foot like Hillary did. If they are wise they will continue to keep this up and not do any debates.