Joe Biden thread

Careful don't underestimate the Biden Bimbos. Trump's easily got the jump on them but they are a formidable enemy. Gotta keep your wits constantly alert on these Mother"Yuckers"!


My sister had a Trump Derangement Syndrome episode on the family Zoom call today. I was coming back from a walk with my kids so I got on the call a few minutes late and she was near hyperventilating telling the rest of the fam that they "just have to vote for doesn't matter if you like's, it's...the only way to get rid of Trump." The rest of my family are all somewhere on the tradcon-SJW spectrum, so not too controversial. I'm known as the wrongthinking badwhite of the family, so it stopped a few minutes after I came in, although I just sat quietly with a neutral look on my face.

As a wrongthinker I'm pretty used to sitting quietly through such conversations so no biggie, but the panicky sound in her voice was kind of interesting. I saw an MSM headline that had Biden's supposed overwhelming lead down to 6% today. I'm not making any predictions, but at least the other side's confidence seems to be cracking a bit.

ball dont lie

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Pollsters have been saying its impossible to poll Trumpers. They just don't know how to do it correctly - hence the shock of 2016.
If someone from the Nytimes or WashingtonPost tried to poll me I would start listing all the horrible hatchet jobs "news" articles that they have posted online. They would end up walking away from me or hanging up the phone.

I assume most people on the right would too. How would they get anything close to a normal poll.

At the same time, anyone in the middle - independents as they are called - why should they be honest. If someone overheard them or posted online they would vote for Trump they would lose their job.

Support for Trump is at an all time high.

I visited my family for a birthday party recently and many of the women who voted for Hillary are going to vote for Trump: They are school teachers and pissed off about how stupid all the policies are.

So even the Teacher's Union bloc that is often touted, LOTS of teachers hate the left right now. Our governor is far left and that person has created so many stupid policies that influence their lives. One of my aunts said, "Only 20 kids have died from covid, there are 100 other more dangerous things to worry about".