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An interesting conspiracy to believe in is Biden is actually fully lucid but has repented, yet he is still owned by his elite masters who are forcing him to run, so he is intentionally acting senile to give the election to Trump. I don't think it is likely, but it wouldn't be the first time someone has done something like that. A number of saints have.

You can't fake that kind of senility. The part of that conspiracy that might be true though is that Biden is the least motivated candidate ever, the guy is just coasting. But he's not faking his symptoms.


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Curious how convoluted the Bidens biz dealings are and how they were able to discover Hunters private business dealings:

The Moscow ex Mayor's Wife who is basically the Biden Kickback Klan of the modern Soviet artists of Kickback Kapitalism... Next Biden Kickback documentaries Riding the Bear and Riding the Siberian Tigers...
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I wonder what the leftie idiots who have dubbed Mitch McConnell "Moscow Mitch" have to say about this...

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Only a few days for Biden to conveniently A) lose Hunter to "suicide" or B) unfortunately get exposed to coronavirus, and thus avoid the debate with a reasonably good excuse.

Even if they really pump him full of drugs (are there any drugs that suppress dementia? I don't think so), the debates will be a disaster for him. I find it hard to believe that he'll actually attend.


This flipping coke head loser used his fathers position as a personal ATM for himself.

Can you imagine if Don Jr was colluding with Russians and Ukrainians and Chy-knees to enrich himself like this? The FBI would kick in his door at 5am with a CNN crew there as he's led out with handcuffs, and Blumpf would be impeached and removed from office.

Its funny as f**k to me and most other normies because, given the choice, odds are the son of a billionaire NYC blowhard playboy developer would be even more of a blowhard, drug-addled, playboy, fuck-around than his father versus the son of a career politician. And then you see this here: Don Jr - who by all accounts probably did a bit of that in college - pretty much flies straight and level, has a truly engaging personality, and seems like a real down to earth guy with money. I know the type; alot of these wealthy people are just as likely to let you use their 32-ft center console or offer you and your wife to fly with on their Citation X as your good ol' boy neighbor would let you use their truck to go to Home Depot.

Then you have Where's Hunter, who is literally a cokehead fuck-around tomcat who tried to shack up with his dead brother's widow and has a lot of lil Where's Hunters scattered around the country cashing out on his father's position and nobody blinks an eye. Its disgusting and disingenuous because during any other 'normal' race between Biden and a 'normal' Republican, all this would be way out in the open.

RE: Biden's reaction - watch him from 20sec onwards. That's anger, guys. Real anger. Unstable anger. You're-not-taking-my-fucking-car-away-from-me-I'm-your-fucking-father-I-wiped-your-ASS-when-you-were-TWO anger. Anyone who has dealt with an older relative recognizes this reaction when they are challenged.

Part of me feels bad for him because he really is losing it mentally. The majority of me can't wait for him to suffer a breakdown on the debate stage and call Trump a motherfucker or something. At that point, call it a day.


I think the plan is to make Biden look as incompetent as possible so Trump wins , and the final revolution finally starts

Some of the more more reliable coverage is saying otherwise. The one I link here and have a few times is that they actually do want Trump gone ASAP because he’s not on board with the Green New Deal (which is why Biden will lock down the entire country and Trump advocated to open).

Part of the agenda is to make things as awful as possible so people blame Trump, but that seems to have backfired because Trump’s successfully positioned himself as the side opposed to all those problems.

The first time I heard that Bush being stupid was a feature and not a bug was when things clicked. The establishment candidates will NEVER be fully competent because having dumb, lazy, or ill ones means Soros and Gates picked bureaucrats get to make all the big decisions.