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After Chris Wallace became the enabler of a mean vicious senile old corrupt head of a massively kleptocratic klan of political kickback kings laughing at a sitting President calling him a Clown twice, a liar multiple times the worst president in our history while Biden outright lying with the word phrase that's been discredited regarding old Joe facilitating $6 Billion in Biden Klan Kickbacks from China, $3.5 Million from the former wife of Moscow's Mayor and millions from Burisma Gas and Oil in Ukraine...

I would not go on defense but on strong offense... Old William Casey rule when you are attacked in Washington... Admit Nothing, Deny Everything and launch a Vicious Counter Attack.

Since the (((Marxist Socialist Media's))) intent here is to Portray Beijing Biden as not only equal but superior to Trump in the most disrespectful manner possible - As President you Never allow anyone to disrespect your Office of POTUS this is like disrespecting our flag.

Since Biden went into the gutter with the Atlantic lies about Trump slandering our fallen troops when it is arrogant kickback king Biden calling our Troops stupid bastards on live video then calling it a joke after to deflect attention from Bidens true contempt for our Troops.

So Trump must go full Trump and destroy Beijing Biden the Socialist Green New Steal CCP $6 BILLION$ Kickback King as follows.

Topics Outline for the Next Debate with Video Monitor of Bidens own Words from recent Trump Ads

1. Joe why are you going to open our borders and flood the USA with 100 Million immigrants like your open borders society allies in Europe are doing?

2. Joe why are you giving this invasion of illegal immigrants free healthcare and social security, free education and housing?

3. Joe why are you trying to destroy the constitution by eliminating free speech in universities and in public, eliminating freedom of religion but support Antifa terrorist looting and fire bombing.

3. Joe why are you going to take away Americans rights to keep and bear arms to defend themselves from the Chinese Communists you are helping to Colonize the USA.

4. Joe why did you negotiate investments of over $6 Billion in funds from Chinese Communist Party controlled entities to various members of your family. Show clips from Riding the Dragon.

5. Joe why did you and Obama commit sedition and treason against our Country by running a coup over the past four years.

6. Joe why have you betrayed the USA out to the Communist Red Chinese, the Russians and Ukrainians... Are you a corrupt Traitor or just too Stupid to think my team of Patriots would not call you out on your sedition and Treason.

Let the phony commission on the Presidential Debates chew on those facts and "Tools".

I would then have meetings with the Cabinet, DoJ and DoD ordering them to prepare plans for deploying a full scope 14th Amendment response to put down election fraud and violent insurrection and anyone who sabotages these orders will be arrested and prosecuted for sedition and Treason. Teach them just how constitutionally powerful the Office of the President really is.

Biden and Wallace did us all a favor by tipping their hats and showing their contempt and intent to overthrow our constitution...

Now it's all hands on deck, general quarters and man your battle stations...

Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM and Antifa and all those providing aid, comfort and finance to same.

Trump's "secret weapon" revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM - Patriot Daily Press

It’s a somber picture of what’s ahead of us likely starting in January
On some deeper reflection about why I dislike this guy so much- beyond the child predation and pushing his career despite obvious brain issues, it can all be summarized in this video.

The dude thinks he's another Johnny Carson, and I get it; there's lots of people that do. But I'm basically Heitman's husband in this clip.

You know how those crazy North Dakotans are, amirite?

Or maybe I'm just being a hater for hater's sake...


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It’s a somber picture of what’s ahead of us likely starting in January

It is quite clear the (((Globalist Financier Rent Seeking Class))) is working hand in glove with the CCP including the CoL, CFR, Bidens, Soros, Bloomberg, Rino Romney etc., all earning billions in CCP ruled Communist Red China - all aimed to overthrow the USA, erase our Constitution and Bill of Rights and install a one world government one party ruled surveillance state in the USA then in the Rest of the UN member states.

The 14th Amendment was created to save and preserve the Union and we need to use it's full scope now to utterly destroy both our foreign and domestic BLMA And Democrat People's Marxist Communist domestic enemies as stated in the Mike Adams authored pro save America links I posted upthread.


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OCTOBER 2, 2020 5:00 AM

A Chinese state-owned securities conglomerate singled out Joe Biden for praise as a "rare candidate" who supports trade policies favorable to the country's Communist government, according to a translated copy of a company research report obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The analysis, drafted by Guotai Junan Securities and posted publicly on its website during the U.S. primaries, identified Biden as the best candidate out of the major Democratic contenders on China trade policy. The report provides a glimpse into Beijing's assessment of Biden and other U.S. political leaders, as well as a list of U.S. states that China perceives as battlegrounds for its national policy interests in the 2020 election.

Dr. Howard

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Haha, Richard Spencer at it again. I get a kick out of him.

He's like the guy at my high school who took drama class, but was the only one who wasn't gay. He hated jocks and had some sort of agenda against them. He had enough intelligence to be witty and funny, but had too much aspbergers to not realize that he was an egomaniac that couldn't relate to normal people. He had enough charm to bang the goth and daddy issues/I have a college boyfriend sluts, but got publicly humiliated by the 'chad' sports sluts.

More commercially, he's the more evil version of the character that 'bangs stifflers mom' in whatever that movie was.

Johnny Rico

I just had a funny image in my head of Biden's team learning Trump has China Plague.

He's sitting in his suit staring at a wall while the staffers are discussing how they are going to spin this news. Biden occasionally belts out a "Whaddiya just say?? What???" in a confused old man voice and hes told to be quiet and eat his cereal. Eventually he stands up and threatens to smack a staffer and his nurse sticks a needle with opiates in his arm and guides him back to the couch. He falls asleep with his mouth open and drools.
The Onion has fun with Biden...

Biden Campaigns Door-To-Door In JPMorgan Chase Headquarters



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When Orwell meets Idiocracy.

"It's a good thing Biden is old & frail, cause he'll last longer than Trump!"

AC :

Newsweek does an entire article saying Joe Biden may look old, demented, and frail, and actually be older than the President, but science shows President Trump is a “super-ager,” who s less likely to live through a four year term than Biden. It is unbelievable. I didn’t even bother to look through much of Biden’s debate with Paul Ryan because he might as well have been a different person back then. Meanwhile I don’t think Trump has aged a day since The Apprentice ten years ago. The media’s propensity for utter bullshit is reaching never-before-seen levels.