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Not following too closely, but is all this Joe and Hunter Biden corruption legit to end his campaign or is this more Clinton email nonsense where absolutely nothing will happen and nobody goes to jail?

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From Zero Hedge:

Cooney believes he was the "fall guy" for an investment scheme in which Hunter and business associate Devon Archer avoided responsibility. He reached out to Schweizer after the journalist published Secret Empires in 2018. Archer was initially spared jail and handed a second trial, however a federal appeals court reinstated Archer's fraud conviction in the case last week.

Cooney provided Schweizer with written authorization, his email account name, and password to his Gmail account to retrieve these emails. He authorized, in writing, the publication of these emails— notable because it is the first time a close associate has publicly confirmed Hunter’s trading on his father’s influence. -Breitbart
I seem to remember @Handsome Creepy Eel foresaw Hunter expiring as an excuse for Joe to slink off. That contract killing is getting a bit more urgent.



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In a scenario whereby even the Fake News crowd had to report truthfully.

Imagine the general & worldwide reaction if, as per the video linked by Posobiec, the whole 'plandemic' was truthfully shown to be a CCP / DNC plot?

There'd be a few Useful Idiot diehards who would deny to the nth degree of course.
Yet for the general NPC crowd who've had a whole year of their lives largely wasted on a pandemic that really isn't.
Can't imagine that NPC crowd would be all that happy to find out it was all just an exaggerated scheme by the CCP / DNC.


I am all for exposing these creatures but until they are behind bars and whoever else was involved and helped cover it up is also behind bars or put up against a wall and shot I will hold judgement.

An election is near and this stuff is only seeing the light of day for that reason alone.

It falls into my belief that elements with deep pockets were sowing massive divide and conquer tactics in the US so if any hammer does come down the proles will go berserk. Have a candidate that could not possibly win against Trump and shrug your shoulders at the ensuing chimp out.

I just cannot believe anything isn't done with good intentions. They have the state apparatus to know almost anything that is going on with regards to human trafficking, links to cartels, regimes like the Saudis and other evil filth. This is just to hit the other group where it hurts.


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Just a photo of Guiliani with some Chinese guy...

Is that Li-Meng Yan in the mirror reflection?
The Hong Kong medical gal exposing the China virus?

Is that Steve Bannon's mug also in the background...?


I posted the same picture in the New Cold War with China thread. Think about how much leverage Trump-Rudy has now: Biden's hard drive & China's 3 servers.




Can't confirm these 4 chan posts by an OAN reporter, Chanel Rion. But if she really posted them and her claims are true, it's going to nuke the entire DNC party.





It's not her...