Joe Biden thread

Coja Petrus Uscan

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Anytime Twitterheads start trying to be coy and salacious with "more incriminating documents coming TONIGHT, stay tuned!", I think we're rightly skeptical. CP would be one thing because AFAIK, you can't just openly release it, but if there's anything else that confirms illegal/criminal activity, stretching it out makes it seem like you're trying to attract viewership. And it makes it seem like you value the media/audience attention more than you do the truth. If there's proof Hunter Biden was committing crimes overseas and his father knew about it, then it's already overdue to the American people. So, as DJT likes to say, we'll see what happens.

Nonetheless, the fact that Biden is going dark until the debate and entrusting his defenses to the media barricade on the subject while Trump continues to campaign (he was just in Newport Beach, CA an hour ago, he'll be in Carson City, NV shortly - both states that went to Hillary in 2016, yet he's campaigning there anyway) and talking about the laptop and Hunter's antics is a bad look. We are roughly two weeks out from the election. That's four days where he will not be refuting his opponent, addressing the press, or even campaigning.

Combined with that softball "town hall" that gave us confirmation, among other things, that Joe Biden believes an 8-year-old child should be able to consent to transitioning his or her gender, this was a bad week. When Trump has a bad week, he keeps fighting. When Biden has a bad week...he disappears.

(It's for another thread, but I would argue the Islamist murder of that teacher in France and the graphic photograph of his severed head splashed across social media is also on people's minds. Neither Trump nor Biden has spoken at length about it -- Trump offered his condolences to France at the Janesville rally last night -- but they don't have to. Everyone knows where Trump stands on the position of Islamist terrorism. They also know where Biden stands on the position. It's something you won't see commented on in the context of the US election, but these things matter. They add up.)

I'm starting to get that feeling again I had in the last weeks of October 2016, that the momentum has shifted and the rules are changing. I can only pray it leads to the same end now that it did then.


We will never see the full truth. DA's, the FBI, NSA, State Dept are all compromised. The faction in the CCP behind Biden has help from globalists in the US. As if they will let some evidence get in their way.

And people voting "anybody but Trump" are not interested in it. We had 3 years of Russiagate remember.

All this crap on Twitter sounds and looks like a well staged clickbait youtube video designed to generate likes, retweets and clout. See Cerno during 2016 campaign.

I would love to see these people burn but until it happens I will hold off praising anybody. And there is also the very real danger of mass civil unrest if Trump is seen to prosecute his political rivals. The DNC masters will add rocket fuel to the country.


Don't worry. We'll get the Biden emails, just like we got the Clinton emails, and the Weiner laptop, and the Epstein documents. Yup, it's all going to come out, and the media will apologize, and the Democrats will crumble, and magically all the hordes of 3rd worlders will suddenly vote Republican, and Trump will win in a landslide, and Netflix will stop airing CP, and all the Jews will. . .look, is that a pig?