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FBI confirms the laptop is from hell.



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Joe Biden is no "devout Catholic". The whole Biden family is so messed up.

@PallasAthena: "Creep Meter = Off the Charts - The Washington Post, June 28, 2019

Edit: If you don't understand the importance of butterfly and snake symbolism to their cult, it may be time to brush up. This was not a casual analogy made about a bad tempered teenager. This was symbolism about Monarch programming via the control of female sexual energy.

Joe Biden said, "When your daughter's about 12 and half years old you put this little butterfly in bed and you kiss it goodnight. Next morning you walk in and there's a snake in the bed."

Finnegan Biden looked uncomfortable and Biden's comment was met with some awkward chuckling from the crowd before his quickly segued into speaking about his sharply-criticized performance in the Democratic debate.




An autistic jew with a big child porn collection was recently caught "trying to assassinate Biden":

Russia Today said:
(((Treisman))) reportedly told the police he did not intend to actually harm anyone, saying that “all online threats were part of a persona.” The detention memo noted he had no prior criminal history and had been “diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome” at age 12. Previously a separate diagnosis, Asperger’s was folded into the broader Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2013.

Actual charges against Treisman related to a total of 1,248 videos and 6,721 images of child pornography content found on a total of eight devices, according to the detention memo dated October 6.


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An autistic jew with a big child porn collection was recently caught "trying to assassinate Biden":

“Police “stumbled” upon the van Treisman had allegedly abandoned at a bank in Kannapolis, North Carolina and found a rifle, explosives and $509,000 inside, multiple outlets reported on Friday.”

If that’s true, where did he get $509k, not to mention the rifle and explosives? Something doesn’t add up here. Sounds like a cover story.