Joe Biden thread

Robert High Hawk

I hate using the term racist. It's a disgusting term that has been manipulated for many different reasons.

Isn't silencing Biden with black soul music, in an attempt to make an old white man with a history of being shitty to black Americans he cannot possibly associate with on a person level - just to get their votes, the definition of racist?
It's absolutely racist, and just shows he's totally controlled and manipulated. That trans 8-yr old question at his town hall, I HIGHLY doubt was Biden's idea, or that he even would have agreed to it were he not senile. His tweet 2 days ago about banning all assault weapons - easily the most unnecessary and retarded thing to do so close to an election (remember what that did to Beto???) - could not have been Biden's idea, in fact I am pretty sure he doesn't even know it went out.


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A day in the life of Joe Biden's America.

6:00 AM: You wake up due to the Islamic call to prayer blaring from speakers from the mosque four doors down from your suburban home. Groaning, you put the pillow over your ears and try to go back to sleep.

8:00 AM: You wake up late because you have no job. Your job had been offshored to China, and when you ultimately received a replacement and inferior job (which you felt extremely lucky to get), an H1B Indian took it over for a fraction of the cost. You trained him before they fired you.

8:15 AM: You're on a tight budget (welfare still isn't a lot of money to live on) so you eat some cheerios and drink a fresh cup of cheap coffee. It still cost $9 due to rampant consumer goods inflation. Prices are expected to rise further as President Biden unveils his fourth $2 trillion stimulus package to bail out Democrat states and reward their cronies.

You watch some CNN -- everything to the right of it has been banned -- and are bored to watch former president Donald Trump on trial for the second time for payments to Stormy Daniels. The last trial was deadlocked because there was a Republican on the jury, but the latest jury makeup is all black women.

8:30 AM: You apply for more jobs and email your recruiter for the 7th time. The job market is completely saturated due to the influx of twenty million immigrants into the country over the past two years.

9:00 AM: You decide to go on a walk outside to get some fresh air -- it's hard to stay cooped up in unlimited lockdown. You don your government mandated mask. You look at your safe and consider bringing your gun, but decide against it. Your friend had shot an assailant six months ago, but because the attacker was black, your friend is now in prison for life.

When you step outside it is like stepping into the demographics of the cantina scene from Star Wars. Next to the mosque four doors down from your house is a brand new $100 million housing project. Drugs and filth litter the street, with a homeless tent on the corner. You walk fast with your head up and hope you aren't assaulted.

9:15am: Cops stop and frisk you (and another pedestrian, a white male) and then demand to see your immunology papers. You had reluctantly received Bill Gates-mandated COVID shot, and you have had horrible cramps since then and severely declining testosterone levels. You wonder if you are infertile. You produce your papers and they let you through. Your smartphone tracks your every move to ensure your movements are only to government approved areas.

12:00pm: You have a soy burger for lunch (this is a major luxury for you; all meat has been banned) as you casually browse Reddit's suicide forum. Rooshvforum had been shut down years ago and many of its posters outed and fired from their jobs; you wonder where they are now.

In the background CNN blares about the latest casualties in the Syrian War of Greater Liberation. General Mattis is on air ranting about Assad but you tune him out.

2:00pm: You get an angry call from your ex-wife demanding her alimony. She recently had lap-band surgery and dropped 50 lbs, and is now dating an ugly black man. You facetime with your two kids, who you havn't seen in months because the divorce judge, an angry feminist, gave her sole custody, and both look to be in the process of transitioning to the opposite gender. They accuse you of white privilege.

5:30pm: You hear shouting from outside and watch as a white male gets robbed for his shoes. You think about going out to help him, but decide otherwise. You glumly eat some gruel for dinner while watching CNN again. The Supreme Court has announced, with Roberts, Kavanaugh and ACB joining the liberals, that gun ownership is now illegal, and all citizens must turn in their firearms under penalty of imprisonment within thirty days.

Your weight has gone up a lot but all gyms are closed so there is nothing for you to do about it.

9pm: You take a hit of crack to dull the pain of your existence and pass out as the sounds of the night Islamic call to prayer fill your ears.
Reports: Airspace around Biden’s home now restricted; more Secret Service agents sent to protect him


"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) placed an airspace restriction around Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware and the U.S. Secret Service is reportedly stepping up security for Biden as the presidential candidate appears slated to win the 2020 presidential election."