Julian Assange thread

El Draque

Assange committed the biggest Doxx in British (and maybe beyond) history, when he gave the entire British National Party Membership list to the tabloid press, and other Leftist groups such as Hope Not Hate. The press ran wild with it, doing exposures of normal British people who disgustingly didnt want their country turned into a Third World dumping ground full of violent criminals, grooming gangs, and suffer all the other indignities of the ZOG Yoke.

Youth workers, teachers, sports coachs etc etc etc lost jobs, 'the BNP Ballerina' was hounded out of her career, self employed people lost their business' after harrassment and localised villification campaigns.

I note it's still proudly proclaimed on WikiLeaks, and downloads of it are still openly available from them -

Not being content with that, they copped another memberlist in 2009 - https://mob.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/10/440274.html?c=on

Guardian thirstily advertised the WikiLieaks link, with headlines about 'BNP Members Near Where You Live"

In conclusion, i couldn't give a tinker's toss about him.

Oh and any British Nationalist readers might be interested to know that the mole within the BNP that gave Assange the list, is now in charge of ultra glowy Mark Collett's Patriotic Alternative admin.

What could possibly go wrong.