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I am always skeptical of these public displays of faith. And at first glance it is similar to the Joel Olstine style of proselytizing or to Kanye West, and I have some doubts...but then again I have to consider that I do not know what is in someone's heart and while it may not be my belief/understanding of Logos there may be Grace found in it for these people nonetheless. Either way I do approve of the trend to push a favorable view of Christianity (even if it is the rock concert, feel good Jesus) over an agnostic/atheist culture.


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Kanye West is no longer looking in the rearview mirror when it comes to his music. In fact, the rapper is telling friends that he'll "never" perform his old music in its original form again.


He added that he has no plans to ever play his old songs live again. "It's not even a probably," Kanye said, but added, "We can play that beat, but I'm going to adjust [the lyrics.]"


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From their fruits you will know them. Either they (Justin and Kayne) stop producing demonic garbage, denounce their "music" and retreat from public life altogether or their conversion is fake.

I know almost nothing about Kayne's music and even less about Justin Bieber's, but I know from listening to Nick Fuentes that Kanye's last album was called "Jesus is King" and that he's said he only wants to do Christian music from now on. Who knows, maybe Bieber will do something like that. I figure why not hope for the best.

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Then as times get good, people get complacent and satan and the globalists infiltrate the church and water it down until another revival comes again.

Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.
Hard times create Strong men.
Strong men create good times

I really wish Kanye’s Christian album was better. I wanted to like it.

Check out Lecrae,or Flame & Tedashii, Trip Lee is good too if you're into hip hop gospel

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On the one hand, I'm glad that he and his wife have some kind of devotion to Christ and care about their faith. I'm in no position to judge their sincerity, or lack thereof. Rather, I hope for the best.

But this story highlights the complete insanity of late-stage evangelicalism. He's been baptized what, three times by now? Instead of treating baptism as a sacred occasion undergone as entrance into the Church, these churches treat it like a consumable product - not to mention there is zero biblical or traditional basis for re-baptism, unless going from some heretical sect, maybe.

I saw this happen with my brother, who got "re-baptized" some years ago even though we were both baptized as adolescents around the same time almost twenty years ago. He got re-baptized because he thought he "didn't really mean it" the first time, and basically felt afraid of what the consequences might be. This is the great irony of "once saved always saved" evangelicalism, where nobody really seems all that confident in their salvation despite praying the Sinner's Prayer. Growing up in this, myself and everyone around would express worries about this subject in our vulnerable moments, despite knowing all the proof text Bible verses that were supposed to make us feel better. Something about his re-baptizing decision didn't sit well with me, though I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. I understand his reasons, and don't judge him for it - it's more that the context surrounding us which encouraged him to do it that bothers me.

The bigger issue is with churches like Hillsong. These places are a farce, an unholy shopping mall-esque complex in which you're treated to a pop concert followed by a TED talk. Now that I'm some years removed from entrapment in this type of church, the problems with it are painfully evident: everything about the "production," from pretty singers belting out power ballad worship songs, to the pastor in tight jeans who looks like he was run over by a Saint Laurent Paris boutique, serves to distract you from focusing on God in favor of focusing on the people on stage, imagining you're them (or maybe dating them.) The only alternative is to close your eyes and get caught up in a manufactured emotional experience indistinguishable from a pop concert, which bears more resemblance to Gnosticism or a pagan mystery cult than anything recognizable as historic Christianity.

When you're invested in a church committed to the idea of appearing cool, as with Hillsong, Elevation, Bethel, Passion City, and their ilk, you're uniquely vulnerable to the deceptions of Satan, who will make you contort yourself attempting to get underneath his limbo bar so all the other Beautiful, Smart, Important People will like you. This is how evangelicalism has overdosed on the narcotic of Wokeness in less than a decade. On top of that, the obsession with "relevance" results in a church with no history and no foundation, as such churches uncritically chase after each new trend like an animal in heat. I first notice this five or six years ago when worship music began its grotesque fascination with EDM sounds, but superficialities like that hardly matter compared to evangelicalism's full-throttle embrace of Wokeness and Covidolatry.

The only way out is a popular revolt that will make decrepit Babel-Tower of evangelicalism crash to the ground. What comes after that? Who knows. I suspect, though, that it results in a mass exodus of ex-evangelicals turning Catholic or Orthodox, akin to the Fundamentalist escape from mainline liberalism a century ago.
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The father of the church founder is a pedophile:
The found is accused of a coverup:

Did a quick search and found a video of 60 Minutes Australia's segment, "Victim of Hillsong Church founder's father says childhood was destroyed by sexual abuse".

Video description
Nov 19, 2018
The enormously popular Hillsong Church proudly boasts that it believes in people and their ability to influence the world with good. It was founded by the telegenic and usually talkative Brian Houston. But he didn’t want anything to do with this story reported by Liz Hayes, and that’s because it’s about evil – the most un-Christian behaviour imaginable, and his own father, Frank Houston. He too was a high-profile church leader, one who used his position and influence to abuse children. One of his victims was Brett Sengstock, who because of Houston’s depravity has endured a life of misery, hiding in the shadows. But not any longer.



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This was probably done for publicity to make it appear as if people in Hollywood live like everyone else. I don't think that there are any Christians in Hollywood. The way most of these celebrities live is too worldly and not to mention the occultic influences and closet pedophiles in the industry. Plus, a lot of these A-listers already sold their own souls and probably already have their own clones.