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It's a nice headline, but what sort of theology does he believe in?
Unfortunately "Christian" in America is most likely to refer to a place with a gay flag out front that sings soft-rock acoustic guitar anthems about "Forgiveness" and is very light on the Holy Spirit.

I used to think attending any church is a step in the right direction, but even that is a risky prospect with some of the things that you will hear today.

I hope he makes a genuine connection to Jesus and that he is not misled by one of the confused denominations that are increasingly losing their way.


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Searched Justin looking for a Trudeau thread and this was the first to pop up... I was also literally listening to this when that happened so it feels wrong not to place it here


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There is something to be said for someone who has been in the industry from childhood to adulthood and still maintains his faith. Then again, the depravity and wickedness he has probably seen has likely only convinced him of Hollywood's "dark and demonic energy," to quote Nick Cannon.

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Good point. The elites love numerology. How many celebrities have suddenly and coincidentally died at age, what is it, 34?

Hopefully he sees this warning sign and gets out before they take him out.