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A proper east west pipeline has been cockblocked in Canada for decades now. The lunacy that Canada has to import any oil at all...

The conspiracy is the USA has Canada by the balls and coded into treaty is that Canada MUST provide a certain ratio of of its energy to the USA no matter what. So Canada sends it's surplus down south at then is forced to import it's shortages back up via the USA. It is a backwards system but it provides a buffer for USA deserves and they can do whatever they want such as expert themselves which further impacts Canada on the radio it has left for global exports. Please, someone exam why Canada sends 70-90% of its oil to the USA when the USA is in a net surplus of production themselves (2025-2017 figure ranges). How does this make any sense ?

Back to the pipelines..... East of southwest Ontario you can't get Alberta crude, eastern Atlantic crude can't get out west. East of southwest Ontario you get it from the Yankees or dirty Saudis.

It shouldn't be this difficult, a tiny nation with more resources that we can even manage and yet the level of dysfunction of how we run this land has no bounds.

Local Canadians are ignorant to it all, and our immigrants compare Canada to the shithole they came from such as India or Ethiopia and underestimate the mess we all live in system wise here.

Peter Zeihan has an interesting video related to this.

This was great. I hope more of his content involves deep dives into Canada as we get ignored within the geological sphere.

The push for Keystone and the effecencies it would bring make a ton of sense, but Canada is left holding it's balls now as America has no incentive to play ball. Of course this grips Alberta's balls the most. Now with the demographic table put in I can now see why the succession movement is more than just noise.

To be clear, I don't think succession is a viable path for Albert's. Landlocked countries that don't have water access get fucked over routinely (ask Ethiopia, how being cockblocked from seas access has stunted it's growth and development, it should be the largest economy in Africa by a mile.). Alberta's geography sucks to make it a independent state, it would actually be better served being a new state or some sorry of pseudo-territory of the USA. This would provide it some geography advantages and fix all our their energy issues. Canada would then turn into a bureaucratic high taxed shithole like France overnight.

All in all some disruption is maybe what Canada needs. The Parties provinces are the only ones who have any sense as they spent decades eating gruel in rough times and now what it is like to have nothing. Not sure how else you wake up the country from its sleepy state.

For Alberta, they won't accept coughing up $20k/person indirectly to support Canada.

What is the eventual end point? It would seem that a new Federal level Alberta/Prairie focused party will come about. CPC is held together with tape and glue and isn't sound if they can't even position themselves to take away a majority from disastrous Trudeau then they are useless as a an opposition party and should be disbanded. If Canadians are forced to hold thier nose and give Trudeau another majority then pack it up and go home CPC.

Back to Alberta...

I've noticed for the first time lots of Calgary people to Toronto for work, which makes sense due to the job market differences. I also notice Toronto people now moving to Calgary.... Maybe they know something I don't. I see a ton of action here in Toronto economically but it it is a ticking time bomb as it is very much a bubble. But, lots of big firms are pumping jobs here so I am still not sure if this is a faze or Toronto is indeed maturing into an actual global hub economically.

He has another video about Canada:

As well, he has written 2 books, the Accidental Superpower and the Absent Superpower, which I really think are required reading for everyone who hangs out on this part of the forum.

If you combine him with what we study here, it makes world events much clearer.

For example, the current Venezuela situation:

Why is America getting more aggressive? The typical answer is "America loves War for Oil!".

Thanks to Zeihan, you realize that
1) Venezuela oil is very hard to refine and America is really the only country that can refine it. They can't sell it to anyone else. They tried to sell it at a a discount to China to thumb their nose at the USA. The Chinese turned around and sold it to US refiners and pocketed the difference.
2) Thanks to fracking, America doesn't want it anymore. It is now an oil exporter. As well, its oil is easy to refine.
3) The USA does care about being invaded. One of the few places one could stage an invasion of the USA starting in New Orleans is from the countries that border the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, of which Venezuela is one. Putin sent some bombers there recently to remind both Trump and the Deep State of this.

Why do American and Western leftists not care about the humanitarian situation? The typical answer is that western leftists do not want to have to admit that Hugo Chavez's socialism was a failure.

Thanks to the forum, you know that really only women care about this because of the feelz. Except we know that they conveniently only get the feelz when the refugee women typically look like this:


Not when they look like this:



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He was pretty damned surprised to get shitcanned. After all, he only said what he was supposed to say as per the LPC agenda. But its an election year, and McCallum is an old drunk with bunch of Chinese grand kids so fire the old pisstank and it looks like Trudeau has a moment of control.


Asshole ... er ... I mean Air Canada

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How drunk to you have to be to not be allowed on an Aur Canada flight?


Normally I would put that on him, but Air Canada staff are some of the biggest jerks in the airline industry.

All first world legacy flag carriers are bad (the USA's big 3 have really bad problems), but Air Canada really seems to try to go the extra mile to act as belligerently towards its customers and citizens as possible.
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Watch him get re-elected.

If we elect him again, we deserve to be replaced.

trudeau will get re-elected - possibly minority.

But, by the time he's outta here, we'll still be roughly 72% majority. In the meantime take your painkillers...


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Is True Dope finished?

So funny, globalist soyboys Macron and True Dope are on the ropes, and T is still standing tall.


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911 said:

Were they French hookers? If yes, then it makes sense.

Hilarious to think that the Gaddaffi boys were being flown into Montreal brothels for bunga-bunga parties on the Canadian taxpayers dime.


Understandable to get hookers in Toronto. But Montreal?

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911 said:

Were they French hookers? If yes, then it makes sense.

Hilarious to think that the Gaddaffi boys were being flown into Montreal brothels for bunga-bunga parties on the Canadian taxpayers dime.

There is a forum related joke about the difference between women in Toronto and Montreal hidden there somewhere.


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The brunette next to Trudeau is quite the looker. Wonder what ethnic stock she would be...

She's probably Lebanese, WB for sure, but, the real wonder is, why and since when is Trudeau touching women?

Or maybe he's a new kind of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide? Dude's gay when White, Hetero when Black? In such a case, I (and God and nature) do prefer him in Black.

Also, isn't the woman on the right, Ghislaine Maxwell with a blonde wig? Sad.


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A third Justine blackface photo/video has just emerged. This is significant because after the Aladdin pic came up yesterday, Trudeau claimed that he only did the blackface thing once besides this one, in HS. So in addition to getting caught the first time doing the blackface cultural crime, he's also been caught lying in his apology.

The video above is a bit less flattering than the Aladdin gig, in it above he's looking dishelved, acting stupid and putting his tongue out...

Of course this is all trivial and stupid stuff, but it's very relevant here because it shows the hypocrisy of his Current Year ideology.

The timing is bad, it's probably going to cost him a couple of points in the upcoming election, some SJW types will switch their vote to the real brown turbaned candidate...


I am going to sit this one out as I am living overseas and have more immediate things to worry about : AKA my family.

My long term plan is to return to Canada about 2026 as a lawyer, financial consultant, entrepreneur or. . .politician.