While Kabane has been online a while, up until recently, he has been basically out of sight. But he’s back and plans to make a serious effort to grow his channel and has already participated in a couple of debates against a Catholic and a Protestant. Overall I like him and look forward to seeing what he has in store for us, he’s a really smart young man and knows the Bible very well but there are some red flags to be aware of in my opinion.

The most obvious is his belief that sacraments outside the Orthodox Church are valid.


He believes you can get sick in the temple of God; several months back he wrote a post at his tumblr account underhandedly mocking those who hold the position that you cannot.

The two mentioned above are very problematic but the ones below may not be but show poor judgment and/or naivety.

During a recent debate review video he did where he answered questions via his livestream, he:

seemed to think getting the Covid vax was no big deal and he was probably going to get one so he could travel.

believes the moon landing really happened which to me is one of the most retarded things a person can believe.

But like I said, for the most part I like the guy.

What do you guys think?