Kanye v Rogan. Only one winner.


I just watched the interview. Joe tried his usual tricks to get on top, but Ye didn’t get sucked in.

I was sceptical about Kanye being a man of god because of his fragmented way of expressing the spirit inside him. After seeing this interview and watching Rogan defer to a higher being was a revelation.

Kanye has always been complex, I think now that he has been chosen as one of gods men he’s still learning to communicate what he needs to express. It might be the case where it takes a while to decipher his words.

I take my hat off to Kanye for stepping up and think he is full of the holy spirt. I think history will show his mental health episodes were caused by the conflict of having an elder matriarch of the family try and be a woman. He might have made a stand against that and was obviously passed off as a mental case.

I’m going to start hearing more of what he had to say.
Kanye definitely said some pretty cool things in that interview. I'm pretty sure that his belief in God is genuine and I very much respect him for putting his money, talent, and time into things that help show people God. I didn't agree with everything Kanye said in the interview though, for instance, he claimed God wanted him to be the leader of the free world. I'm not sure if that's actually God calling him to do His will or if it's Kanye trying to justify his own will. Overall though it was a great interview and I liked listening to it. I would rather listen to a 3 hour Roosh episode though. I miss Roosh Hour.


I haven't seen the interview, I doubt I will since I just don't have the time or patience for podcasts like that, but generally speaking if there can be "only one winner" I'm team Kanye all the way. He's an appreciating asset. A nutcase, but in the good way, and he has such incredible cultural power that one should certainly hope that Kanye goes the righteous route.

Rogan, though I like him at times, comes off as a simple stoner bro. It's fine at times, and maybe it's just the image you get and (hopefully) is not his entire life.


Rogan, though I like him at times, comes off as a simple stoner bro. It's fine at times, and maybe it's just the image you get and (hopefully) is not his entire life.

Rogan has an incredible talent, what he does in getting people to drop their guard is comparable to a prize fighter biding his time stalking his prey. He knows and I think his guests know that they’ll eventually open up regardless of their pre interview intent. Just look at the interview with Kelly Slater. BUT, he has started drinking his own bathwater and is hitting the peace pipe too hard, it showed with Kanye. Kanye stayed in control and dictated the fight. In fact this is one of the few times I’ve seen Rogan actually shut up.Kanye is a special man that’s for sure. Where he goes or it goes who knows. What if he did become leader of the free world??

One observation though. For a man with ‘Mental health issues’ he seemed un medicated, lucid and razor sharp. His eyes were clear, his skin looked healthy. He looked really together, which is contrary to how the media portray him.
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Has anybody watched this yet?

Yeah I've watched the Alex Jones and Joe Rogan one. Alex Jones said some good things, but I don't like how Jones communicates. Joe Rogan was basically just pushing back against stuff that Jones said and at one point he even told Alex Jones that he needed to have a fact checker on Info Wars. I did like Tim Dillon a lot and he provided much needed comedic relief.


I think Rogan is important for our side, to sort of pre-redpill people (kind of like how I think Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are important). But Kanye is far more correct at the end of the day, no question.