Kanye West thread; yes he’s running

The msm is reporting him as being on our side about the coronavirus vaccine.

I think he'd make a better statesman than most of our politicians, as would just about any rapper. They understand women, at least, which is better than understanding nothing. Most politicians appear to be just regurgitating whatever vomit they learned in college or from the msm, totally disconnected from normal people since they have never worked for a living outside the kleptocracy.
He’s a plausible candidate except he doesn’t have any policies and is prone to say dumb stuff like “The Birthday Party” that make it hard for any adult to take him seriously. If he puts in the work and comes up with specific policies, he could easily win.

Also “the mark of the beast” is way outside the Overton window, need to allude to things like that but not call them out explicitly.


Apparently Kanye West is really running for president. He says he wants to be a leader like the leader of Wakanda in Black Panther. Also planned parenthood is a racist white supremicist organization that wants to kill black people and more. I’m in a blue state, I’ll vote for him if he really runs

Here's what I think the opportunity many people are missing here, because the US has always effectively been a two party system: Kanye could reasonably represent the "Black Party" (Birthday Party is an idiotic name; if he's seriously running, mistake #1). An example is in Canada with the Bloc Quebecois; they are explicitly a Quebec nationalist/ separatist party who doesn't run candidates anywhere outside Quebec. They have zero chance of ever gaining power BUT in the parliamentary system, they do have an opportunity to gain influence by being part of coalition governments or legislation passage. In doing so, they gain power to push for their interests. And while I as an anglophone Canadian am completely opposed to their policies, I resect the will to push for the interests of their people.

So if a Black Party starts making headway, there are districts in the US where they could easily win House seats and with vote splitting even Senate seats. There will never be a Black Party president because of sheer numbers, but with a handful of truly independent voting House seats and a couple or few Senators, they could start seriously influencing legislation for their benefit as swing voters, considering how close in support the Dems and Republicans are. I'm quite surprised this hasn't been done before by an organized black political group, to be honest.

So to our general interest, who does the emergence of a Black Party hurt? Obviously the Democrats because if they lose even 5-8% of their vote total, they're facing a fundamental electoral problem. Republicans lose effectively zero and can start governing based on an America First platform, that can actually win, and partner with the Black Party on the back end for economic and social development legislation that doesn't dilute America First. Of course, the danger is the Democrats just keep pandering to the Black Party, but a Dem/ Rep/ BP triple party system opens up avenues for right wing movements to legislate for their followers, instead of having to beg for voters who will never follow them.

IF Kanye is serious, he's probably too late this year to make real gains, but this could be a very interesting development for right wing politics in the US. And looking at it from the black American perspective, there should be a party that articulates solely the interests of the black community.


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Sadly, Kanye is just in the middle of another bipolar episode.


Although being black, and now having a serious mental defect, means that all white people must vote for him. If there don't, they are bigots.


I’m pretty sure Trump is bipolar. The whole waking up at 4am with a big burst of energy and firing off A few dozen tweets is classic manic behavior

I am bipolar but heavily medicated

Here’s a photo of potentially our next president



Kanye has conceded