Kathy Griffin on the red carpet last night

Thomas More

RatInTheWoods said:

This could be a 15 rum paper bag bang?

At her absolute peak of attractiveness, for a day or two sometime between 19 and 22, she was a legit 5.5. Slender body. Not hardcore flat chested. Exotic ginger hair. Not completely repulsive face.

That was a long time, and a lot of hard miles ago!


bbgun said:
apologies if you haven't eaten lunch yet


This is what a thin, post-menopausal woman looks like. She isn't producing estrogen any more and she isn't fertile, so no tits, no hips; instead a boyish shape. She's perfectly normal for her age and ethnic type.

Her problem is that she is still trying to prance around in the spotlight, when she should be quietly enjoying life without attention but for legitimate family and friends.

She's still trying to get sexual attention which is why she looks repulsive. If she were dressed appropriately and sat next to you on an airplane, exhibiting class and grace you would not look at her as hideous. (Wouldn't want to fuck her either but it would be understood by all that this isn't a part of her life as a single woman pushing 60) It's the evening gown and preening that makes her look pathetic.

Seriously, what is a post menopausal woman doing posing like this, as though she has big juicy ass and a coy, sexy face?



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