Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash


Probably something that the insurance company initiated. Basically they sue, his and the companies insurance settles, and the family is out nothing out of pocket. That’s how pretty much any car accident here in the US works too. I’ve gotten personally sued for letting someone borrow my car who then got in an accident, for “I should have known she wasn’t a good driver” despite having a license and insurance herself. My insurance company settled and I paid nothing. That’s just how things are here unfortunately, if you don’t sue you may not collect the insurance money.


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Simeon_Strangelight said:
Oddities about this:


Whatever .... we won't find out the truth. Maybe he was too Christian and they wanted a secrifice in one of their Satanic islands - the people dying there were just collateral.
I've been wondering why there aren't any whacky Kobe Bryant helicopter conspiracies. The Jews shot it down, globalists, false flag... etc. Things like that.

Heh - could also have been just an odd coincidence with the cartoon and the music video before his death. But alas - who knows if you are a bored trillionaire in our world - maybe that kind of thing makes you hard.

It looks just like an accident, but hey....