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Posting this because if we seriously want people to boycott Hollywood and American entertainment as a whole we have to offer alternatives. I've gotten to the point where I am sampling Bollywood stuff just as a hedge. But I do have some experience with korean popular culture so I thought I would chime in. I think my advice to someone who is considering trying out korean entertainment offerings is to dump your preconceptions and go in with a open mind. You may like it.


Korean television has very high production values imo almost all the shows are set in the capitol Seoul and they make it look very pretty. The shows or "dramas" can be a little tough to get into because its much more melodramatic and soap opera-ish but they're well made, and unlike american shows they last only one season so there isn't a huge time commitment to finish one. Something that I find helps is to go to a recap website like dramabeans.com which will make it a lot easier to understand what is happening and keep track of all the korean names. Obviously I can't recommend Netflix but if you still have it it has a growing collection of korean dramas. There are plenty of other websites to watch (legal and not legal) one of which is Viki. If you have a fascination with North Korea I recommend you watch Crash Landing on You which despite the title is a very good show with a large part of it taking place in North Korea.


Korean movies are a lot more westernized than korean tv shows with most of the action films following western scriptwriting formulas because so many koreans are raised on Hollywood films. The production values are top class and despite being guilty of the terrible CGI that Hollywood feeds us there are movies with some damn good special effects (Along with the Gods). Parasite obviously won the Oscar but some of my favorites include A Taxi Driver, Oldboy, Train to Busan, The Tower, and Memories of Murder.


Obviously very high profile nowadays in the world due to BTS and other popular K-pop groups. Let me explain very clearly for those who just have a vague idea of K-pop as cute plastic korean girls, or effeminate looking korean guys. I have a lot of fun watching K-Pop. First musically I enjoy pop like Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys. As much as people denigrate that type of teeny bopper pop its composed by some very talented producers (usually swedes) who understand the mechanics of music and pop music and manufacture a hit song. Obviously that may not be your cup of tea and you might prefer hip-hop or rock but my point is even teeny bopper pop comes with a lot of craftsmanship. Many K-pop songs are bought from western producers so a song by kpop girl group Red Velvet would be from the same people that did one for Fifth Harmony or Harry Styles whatever western singer is popular now but with less overt sexuality and drag queens.

But the real fun of K-pop is not from pure music like you fans of the Rolling Stones or Nirvana might have. Its the entire ecosystem. Usually a kpop fan will watch the music video, buy a album (which is about $40 and comes with a hardcover photo book), attend concerts but most importantly be apart of the community and watch all sorts of fan created videos. So just like the western anime community its all about in-jokes, memes, and funny compilations and fan theory videos. So similar to learning a language if you wanted to get into a group such as BTS you would need to learn all their names, their personalities, their histories, all the inside-jokes in the BTS fandom (ARMY) and then you enjoy the almost limitless content on Youtube. I also noticed what sets K-Pop out from most other fan cultures is the fans desire to fawn over the idols. So a guy may watch Game of Thrones but he's not going to coo over how cute Jack Gleeson is 24/7. K-Pop fans get off on fawning over idols, and writing comments about like they are puppies. It can be nauseating if you're not into that. Obviously a lot of these are women having crushes on the male idols. Or women having crushes on the female idols. Or male fans in the shadows drooling over the female idols trying to not look creepy.

One of my favorite aspects of K-Pop as opposed to western pop is that you have things called "reality shows" which is basically a show where idols are filmed simply going to a Zoo or Park or a foreign country. They do things like normal people and K-pop fans eat it up. It may not sound exciting but compared to the degeneracy of western entertainment its nice to simply watch attractive people eat food and hang out with their fellow idol members (possibly the friendships are kayfabe) without any drag queens or twerking or other nasty content that America does. A huge part of K-Pop is not only the crushes but usually lonely females living vicariously through their idols in terms of having friends. Its fun seeing 8 guys or 7 girls living in the same dorm and seemingly all of them are best friends (on camera) and wishing you were one of them.

Another one of my favorite aspects of K-pop is the fan rivalries one develops with fans of rival groups. Because America usually has only one super popular boy group and girl group at any decade this phenomenon is foreign. In Korea you have hundreds of different boy and girl groups all competing with fans trash talking each other on social media like Twitter. So its similar to the sports dynamic of Red Sox and Yankees fans trash talking or soccer hooligans duking it out but its female oriented. Its usually fun banter but some k-pop fans take it too far with the usual "you guys sent my group death threats" nonsense.

Finally I would like conclude by pointing out the political nature of K-pop in the west. Unfortunately like almost everything else K-Pop is heavily populated by left-leaning people. While as a fan I have benefited from many of these people's content and enjoyed the camadrie of the fan culture it is unfortunately heavily infected with SJW culture, feminism, and LGBTism. An example if many of the comments under kpop Youtube videos being of "they're gay" "they're lesbian", "they're gay for each other" type comments. Now understand a lot of this is of a irreverent fan culture (similar to 4chan). Many of the comments should be taken with a grain of salt. But much of the fan discussions now revolve around whether some k-pop idol culturally appropriated something from black or indian culture, or whether they said the N word (from a rap lyric) or some stupid controversy like that. Predictably western kpop fans have no interest in korean social issues but instead simply plug in western social justice issues (black, lgbt). There is some overlap as feminism is unfortunately a big problem in South Korea now but it is beyond my comprehension how some of these morons make treatment of black people yet again the main issue in a country that has almost no black people. (there is one black idol in K-pop currently, even South Korea must have "diversity" *sigh*)


Webtoons are simply manga type comics but drawn in one long vertical panel designed to be read primarily on smartphones. While to many outsiders Japan and South Korea are essentially the same there are many pointed differences one of which is South Korea has fast embraced digital content over analog (piracy was a big reason) while in Japan they still stubbornly cling to things like CDs and physical books for better or worse. So while Japan typically read physical manga koreans read webtoons on their phones. Another difference from Japan is Korea doesn't really make anime. While the talent is definitely there (many animes in the past subcontracted artists in korea for grunt work) there just isn't the economic infrastructure to make animated tv shows. Instead when a webtoon becomes popular it goes straight to a liveaction remake.

I'm ending this by saying I hope this has been informative and somewhat fun to read. My desire is that more people on the right, as Hollywood becomes more and more evil and degenerate, consider foreign alternatives to their entertainment needs. Korean entertainment while not perfect has some very good production values in their film and tv and personally I think the women are very attractive plastic or not. Try it out.


Oldboy is one of my favorite movies. Hollywood made an American version and turned it to $#!T (I couldn't watch it to the end).

South Korean and Japanese are the most beautiful of the Asians. Maybe because they look more Western? They also have a great culture, strong economy and clean cities.


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I think Korea has the worst music of any country I have traveled to. They took the worst elements of pop music from the USA and simply sing in Korean. The only nice thing is the female dancers are attractive. I have visited S. Korea many times and I enjoy visiting there because it is safe, clean, affordable overall, it has healthy food that is decent, and it offers plenty of hiking trails accessible by good public transport. The music is the only thing I disliked there.

However, there are many great movies from S. Korea. The drama relating to North and South Korea can be a good theme for movies.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)

Joint Security Area

Secretly Greatly


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Good song. This is the first modern Korean song I have heard that I thought was decent. She has a good voice. I tried a couple of her other songs out and they are also decent.
Good deal. Korean indie music is honestly a bit of a treasure trove and really taking off in the last 4-5 years. Straddles the lines between romantic, edgy, artistic, and wholesome in a way that very very little Western music does anymore, though some Western bands do still exist that fit the bill. K-Pop is were the bad influences and empty artistry have really crept in, just avoid that and you'll be golden.

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