Kyle's Legal Defense Fund


The kid did more than most grown men do in their lives to fight back against leftist insanity. Personally I think he and his companions (who suspiciously ditched him right before things went down) should have stayed in their state and protected their community. There's too many people willing to travel across the country to "do something" but won't walk across the street to talk to their neighbor.

Nevertheless, he was within his rights to shoot his attackers, who were pedophiles and felons trying to kill him. That "medic" tried to feign surrender to get him to lower his guard, so he could murder him. It is a total abuse of power for these criminal DAs and judges to persecute citizens trying to preserve some semblance of civilization.

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Virginia cop with 18 years on the force (I believe you can retire after ~25 years) is fired for giving Kyle $25.
They have moved from "It's not the government censoring you, goy, its a private company which is totally different and fine" to "government censors you and destroys your ability to make a living for your family because of your political speech, just shut up you evil racist"



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Not surprised by this. (((Black Rifle Coffee))) company is pretending to be "Conservatives" when they are not.


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