Lady rammed her car into when policing McDonalds drive-thru cars

At the moment I'm in charge of directing traffic for the McDonald's drive thru. The line of cars (queue) is quite large as it's just re-opened and it's only open for drive-thru. The queue starts at an exit from a busy roudabout and in order to avoid a large queue forming out onto the main road, we have to block off the entrance from the rounabout to this one way street every so often. The police had complained about us blocking the road. About 200 yards of the queue is on public property, and the remaining 100 yards of the queue is within the McDonald's car park.

For someone managing traffic like this you might think it's a matter leaving an extra car into the start of the queue queue as soon as there's room enough for one more car. But that method is very messy. What happens is that the next car to come along will say "how come you let that car in and not me?" And then if you explain or argue a line of cars will form behind the car that you've started arguing with. It's also too much to be continually moving barrier that frequently. So what I've been doing instead is leaving a gap build up from the roundabout in, and only once the gap is of a certain size will I fill up this gap with cars.

Anyway, a few days ago, this lady came along when I had just filled up all available space with cars and I had to tell her to move on. But she insisted in arguing and demanding explanations. I had dealt with a lot of difficult customers that day and eventually I shouted in a firm voice "that's it now, move on" with an aggressive hand gesture. Then it was a case of "you can't shout at me, you're not the police, you don't have that authority". I think that was when I damaged her ego. But because she argued for so long, you can probably guess that a big gap began to build up. So naturally she said "oh but there's a gap now can you not just let me in?". I said "no". Her reply - "why?". I said "you know why". I ended up saying "if you continue to give abuse I'll bar you if you come back again".

Due to the position where she stopped her car she didn't happen to be blocking the cars behind her, so I eventually began letting those in. I then dragged the heavy plastic barriers so that they were exactly in the way of her car. She shouted "are you actually for real?". This was a matter of principle to me to not let her in. Eventually she shouted "I swear to God if my car gets damaged from what I'm about to do.." and began pushing them with her car. I was able to let a few more cars in through a dangerously narrow space, and I then re-positioned the barriers right in front of her car again. At this point some white knight who's car was by the pay/collect point, got out and started yelling from a distance "that's not fair, you let that lady in". Then she started shouting at me "you see, everyone agrees with me" and she again started pushing her car into the barriers. At this point I was in front of the her and she began making physical contact with me. It was nothing too dangerous but I could've easily pretended to fall over if I wanted. At this point I think my hat blew off my head so I moved out of the way to pick it up. When I moved back in front of her I could see that the barriers were on one side of her car by now and that I would not be able to stop her. I still tried and eventually had to move out of the way as she forced her car through. When I looked around there was even someone in the queue filming it on his phone. I then walked over to the entrance to the actually property in order to lock her out for when she moved forward in the queue.

But by this point I had had the staff call the guards. The manager went over to her car and said "you'll have to wait here until the police arrive and if you try to leave you'll be in trouble as we have your registration number". She moved out of the queue and parked up until the police came. Then another customer with a down syndrome child complained her to the manager saying that her child got quite a fright, and also she said that she could act as a witness for me. The other thing is that in order to be certain that the manager would back me up I had told them that she had hurt my foot. I pretended to be limping so that the lady would get a good scare. She had time to think about this before the police arrived and she did not approach me to apologise.

The police arrived later and talked to us both separately, and will later be in touch. Luckily McDonald's have a camera on that side of the building and they have saved footage for the police. I want her to be punished though. Interestingly this lady seemed like a regular (educated) person who just let herself down at that point in time. I don't care about money, but if that's the only way then I'll consider suing her. However it didn't happen on McDonald's property, nor are the barriers property of McDonalds. But I think that might be irrelevant. What do you guys think? A the time I was glad that she didn't get into McDonalds, but it was only later that I realised how disgusting it is to treat another human being that way. If anybody has any suggestions for what I should say in my statement to the police, please leave advice.

And by the way, the staff at this place though are nice and always back me up when I decline the few crazy customers we get. Since that happened, if I get a customer that won't move on I just eventually say "I can let you in but you won't be served, you're choice". That's a far better way of handling the same situation.
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To be honest, I remember this terrible story. But judging by the rumors according to the VIN number the breakdown was determined even before the incident