Latest UK lunacy


From the print edition of The Telegraph today, Oxford University are looking at abolishing all references to Imperial measurements, as they are colonialist, etc, etc. Meanwhile, north of the border, in Dundee, a woman student is in trouble for saying that women have vaginas, and that men are the stronger sex. Saying that TS types shouldn't be playing women's sports didn't go down too well either.

Edit to include a link to the second item in the Daily Mail:

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I particularly like this one. "Asylum seekers" from France coming the UK on boat with their expensive IPhones and even livestreaming their illegal crossing on TickTock (seems it won't get flagged by social media as promoting illegal activities!) arriving with $250 jacket. They threaten to start a mob unrest over delay in their housing demand. This is just amazing. You can't make this stuff up. Britain is kicking her own people to sleep on the streets and make them homeless only to house these thugs.