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Yes, it is a real picture.



I want to break down that article just to reflect on the proceedings and the current state of things:

Immediately before the vote a minute of silence was observed followed by a prayer said by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

This seems like an odd gesture. Don't people usually observe a minute's silence when mourning the death of someone? Perhaps they were all collectively mourning the loss of any sanctity that remained in Anglicanism, as they all probably knew where this vote was heading and how it would alter the faith irreparably.

The motion also included an acknowledgement of a “failure” to welcome LGBTQI+ people and a repentance for the harm they have and continue to experience in the church.

Notice the complete inversion of reality. Instead of the homosexual repenting and returning to a Christ-centred life, it is actually the clergy and the church establishment who need to repent for not being inclusive enough and accepting sodomite unions... sure.

In a vote broken down by houses, the House of Bishops voted 36 for and four against with two abstentions.

The House of Clergy voted 111 in favour, 85 against and three abstentions, while the House of Laity saw 103 votes for, 92 against and five abstentions.

Slightly encouraging to see a vote split almost down the middle, in terms of the laity and even the clergy, but it's clear that the bishops are feeling the social pressure and don't want to upset the apple-cart, with an overwhelming majority vote in support of it. Let's hope that the ones who voted against it will begin a renewed spiritual quest and seek out the One True Church, that would never accept such heresy.

While the blessings have been welcomed by some as progress on what has long been a divisive issue, others have said they do not go far enough.

What more do the gays want? Of course, they want it all, absolutely everything under their control, with the ultimate aim of transforming Anglican worship into one big gay disco. They are well on their way now.

Speaking last month, Mr Welby said he “joyfully” welcomed the blessings proposals but added that he will not personally carry them out due to his “pastoral responsibility for the whole communion”.

I wonder how long this duplicity will last. How can you joyfully accept something while refusing it simultaneously? Classic cognitive dissonance. I suppose until the 'old guard', i.e. older generations, have passed on, he won't feel gutsy enough to bless homosexuals at the altar. Just wait until the Zoomer generation comes to prominence, when there will probably be more gay marriages than straight ones soon enough.

Beginning the lengthy debate on Wednesday, Mr Welby admitted there is “very painful” disagreement on the matter within the church but urged those gathered before him to “vote with their spirit-inspired consciences”.

What 'spirit' is inspiring their conscience in this instance? If there is a lower-case "s", it's a clear sign of the demonic influence guiding these proceedings, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Holy Spirit.

There has been no legislative change in the church and the decision for clergy to offer blessings is a voluntary one.

It is voluntary, for now... but for how much longer I wonder? As we've seen in the culture at large, if we give em an inch, they'll take a mile. Tolerance > Acceptance > Celebration > Forced Participation > Punishment for Dissenters. It's always the same pattern. Soon, anyone who doesn't bow down at the altar of the gay disco will be excommunicated. I wonder how long this will take, everything is moving so fast these days it's hard to say.

Akaky Akakievitch

Any idea what that's referring to and why so many residences have that sign in their window?

I was a little confused as well but after a quick search online I found this article, posted Jan' 23:

A London street has been renamed due to it being "offensive", costing taxpayers around £100,000 but new road sign still has the offensive name.

A consultation was launched following the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer of 2020, with the final decision to officially rename 'Black Boy Lane' in Haringey being made in February last year.

Several residents were concerned about the racial connotations of the name and its impact, Haringey council said.

The terms ‘black boy’ or ‘boy’ when referring to Black men have historically been used as a way to belittle them, suggesting they are worth less than their white male counterparts, it explained.

The road was instead renamed ‘La Rose Lane’ on Monday, in celebration of John La Rose, "a former Haringey resident, publisher, essayist, poet, and champion of Black history and equality".

However, the move caused a backlash among some locals after it was reported that the change in names had cost taxpayers £186,000 - and the new sign still included the offensive 'Black Boy Lane'.

Haringey Council later clarified that the reported cost of £186,000 to rename the street was incorrect and was based off an old estimate. The total cost was now ‘unlikely to exceed £100,000’ the council said.

The road signs will still say Black Boy Lane for a year-long 'transition period,' Haringey said.

Not one black person on Black Boy Lane wanted the name changed. Not one.

Thank goodness @SadiqKhan and @haringeycouncil are there with £180,000 of public money to step in and be offended on their behalf.
— Save Our Statues (@_SaveOurStatues) January 23, 2023

One person tweeted: "Some jobsworths decided that Black Boy Lane was offensive as a road name. Haringey council spend serious cash renaming it. The new road sign still contains said offensive name. Make it make sense."

Another person said: "Black Boy Lane renamed La Rose Lane, still bearing the name Black Boy Lane. What woke idiots are responsible for this?"

A third Twitter user claimed people on the street had put up their own signs to protest the change.

"Residents on Black Boy Lane have put signs of the road name, seemingly in protest to the name change today," they said.

Residents on Black Boy Lane have put signs of the road name, seemingly in protest to the name change today.
— Olivia Opara (@OliviaOWrites) January 23, 2023

Costs for the update include a ‘voluntary’ £300 payment to the 183 homes impacted, the Daily Mail previously said.

There will also be £50,000 spent on a support and administration officer to help residents affected as well as additional costs such as replacing all signage, according to the paper.

This has to be the most pointless exercise and waste of £186,000 of taxpayers money ever..... rename the Lane, but keep the old problematic name so everyone knows where it is..... Black Boy Lane
— Helen (@Hells4Heroes) January 23, 2023

The council acknowledged that while many were in favour of the change others were firmly against it.

"We committed to a period of further engagement with residents at the last corporate committee, to make sure all residents are aware of the administrative changes that will need to be made, when they will need to be made by, and importantly to make sure we are aware of any additional support needs we can help with as a council," it said.

Cllr Peray Ahmet, Leader of Haringey Council, said: “I’m delighted that we’re able to pay tribute to John La Rose with a new street name.

"John made such a huge contribution to Black life both here in Haringey and across the UK and played an important role in gaining recognition for Black authors and artists, as well as championing inclusive education.

"I understand that this is a decision which has generated passionate responses.

"Several rounds of consultation were held, and I know that the Corporate Committee took the full range of views into consideration when deciding to change the name of the road. It is time now to move forward with this.

"While every effort is being made to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, we recognise the name change will cause some disruption for residents, so I’m pleased that we’re able to make a £300 voluntary payment to affected households.

"Our officers will continue to be out and about in the area over the coming weeks providing practical support to residents who need it.

“I also want to be clear that this is just one small part of the work that we must do to ensure Haringey is a place where everyone feels welcome and included.

"I look forward to working with residents and communities on this important mission in the months and years to come."

"Black Boy" is also a popular name for pubs, I remember going several times in my childhood to the Black Boy, out near a local canal in the countryside (I hope it has been preserved, haven't been for years)

Black Boy​

Now a rather controversial pub name, records of ‘Black Boy’ inns go back at least 250 years. There are four potential origins of the name – and no-one’s really sure which is the real explanation! The pub could be named after:
  • a character with skin darkened by their work, like chimney sweeps or miners covered in soot or coal-dust.
  • King Charles II, who was nicknamed ‘Black Boy’ by his mother, Henrietta Maria of France because of his dark hair and complexion. The name was adopted by Charles’ supporters fighting for the restoration of the Monarchy in the 1650s. Inns using the Black Boy name were possibly declaring their royalist allegiance against Oliver Cromwell’s parliamentarians.
  • The least watertight etymology is that they’re named after local dark-coloured shipping signals, the name being a misspelling of Black Buoy.

So there you go, it's mainly about British history and has absolutely nothing to do with Africans and their skin colour.

This goes to show just how self-centred and narcissistic the woke mob are, they are completely missing the point as per usual, that simply by the mention of the word "black" it is somehow automatically a racist slur designed to "spread hate".

Maybe they should just rename it "N-bomb Boy Lane" instead, that would be more fitting and at least everyone could have a good laugh about it, while mostly keeping the woke mob quiet.



How can this "church" take themselves seriously blessing something that has been considered sinful even under the old Jewish law before Christ? We are truly living in the most diabolical times where clear sin is being blessed under the absurd notion of "inclusiveness." So why not take this further? The church isn't inclusive of murderers, drug addicts, and thieves either by this logic. Atheists aren't warmly welcomed into the church as celebrated members of the community. How awful. Perhaps we should roll out the red carpet for them and make the devout Christians beg forgiveness.

This also closes any thought that King Charles was a secret based traditionalist or even Orthodox. As head of the Church of England, he could shut down all this rubbish.

The good news is hypocrisy can't last. Truth wins. And those who seek truth and repentance will see this door closed to them, leaving them fewer distractions keeping them away from the true Orthodox Church.


I was a little confused as well but after a quick search online I found this article, posted Jan' 23:

"Black Boy" is also a popular name for pubs, I remember going several times in my childhood to the Black Boy, out near a local canal in the countryside (I hope it has been preserved, haven't been for years)

So there you go, it's mainly about British history and has absolutely nothing to do with Africans and their skin colour.

This goes to show just how self-centred and narcissistic the woke mob are, they are completely missing the point as per usual, that simply by the mention of the word "black" it is somehow automatically a racist slur designed to "spread hate".

Maybe they should just rename it "N-bomb Boy Lane" instead, that would be more fitting and at least everyone could have a good laugh about it, while mostly keeping the woke mob quiet.
How does changing a street name cost £100,000? Someone is on the take here. A few illegal immigrants and some cheap signage could finish the job for £500.

Akaky Akakievitch

How does changing a street name cost £100,000? Someone is on the take here. A few illegal immigrants and some cheap signage could finish the job for £500.

It's similar to the HS2 rail project, which is now estimated to cost over £150 billion (from an original budget of £32 billion...) and the government are seriously considering axing the whole thing:

HS2: cancelling this rail project is conceivable for the first time, it’s become a national embarrassment [Independent, 27th Jan '23]

Britain’s HS2 vision has become a monstrous vanity project, a national embarrassment.

The original dream was for a Y-shaped high-speed network between Leeds, Manchester and London. There was even talk of Manchester to Paris. Leeds has gone. What chance the Manchester leg won’t be “delayed”, in the hope of inflation falling? And the Euston leg is now under threat from rampant costs (despite the Chancellor’s attempt at reassurance yesterday).

So the only guaranteed high-speed track will propel you from Birmingham to a bus shelter by the A40, on the outskirts of London.

From the outset, HS2 was so expensive that the financial case looked shaky. Not to mention the ecological damage and fracturing of communities in its way.

To be clear, this is not an anti-growth argument. Even in a world of hybrid working, with lower passenger numbers, Britain’s creaking transport infrastructure is a blight on economic activity. There is a moral argument for overhauling it. But our political leaders are now trapped – unable to afford the bill; too far in to walk away.

HS2’s rocketing costs induce nosebleeds. They have crippled all other British rail investments, to the great detriment of the North of England. Stations there might as well be turned over to livestock and wildflower meadows, as the hated Avanti guillotines timetable after timetable.

So HS2 costs are unsustainable – originally £32bn, now spiralling beyond £150bn. Yet as more branches and roots are cut away, the potential benefits of a high-speed network have vanished.

Pulling the plug on HS2 would be soul-destroying for people who have lost their businesses, homes and neighbouring countryside. There would be a sense of “It was all for nothing.” Construction work is under way at 300 sites. For the first time, though, cancelling the project is conceivable.

The most likely scenario is the first one I mention: Leeds gone, Manchester mothballed, perhaps £100bn in savings plus hotchpotch improvements to capacity on the West Coast mainline. That roaring noise is reality racing along the tracks towards us.

Inflation can be partially to be blame for this, but there's no reasonable excuse to allow a 500% increase in costs and then to just pull the plug, what a waste that would be.

Akaky Akakievitch

I'm not sure how much of this is hype but I suppose we'll find out as the year goes on whether or not these predicted shortages will occur across the country, or only affect isolated pockets:

It seems to be a sign of things to come though. Food shortages tend to encourage rationing, and if they implement this it will breed corruption, and manipulation of food supplies, despite it being the logical move. I was speaking to an Orthodox priest from Cuba recently, and he was explaining how the communist government there enforces strict rationing and has done for decades, but that the allowance is pathetic and would barely feed one or two people never mind an entire family. It encourages bribes, corruption, money sent from overseas, alternative currencies etc., it seems as though these shortages may be leading to a similar scenario for us in the UK, although perhaps not as bad as Cuba, but definitely a type of what could play out in the near future.


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Meant to be off the news, but this came across my desk.

The proles will not stop using this word unless they make it gay to call things gay.

Akaky Akakievitch


When I was in Japan a few years ago, they had already implemented this kind of system for their earthquake warnings. Its pretty pointless, because by the time the natural disaster has occurred, the warning is mostly redundant, unless it arrives a significant time before the disaster. Everyone's phones started pinging when there was a minor earthquake, and I thought, 'But why did you need a phone alarm to tell you there's an earthquake when you can already feel it?'

Its a bit like the stupid car sensors we all have to put up with now. Recently, my car makes this shrilling noise and flashes a temperature warning light whenever it's too cold... As if I needed my car to let me know its too cold, i can find that out for myself!

Its just another consequence of clown world life. Also a national phone alarm is a great way to generate fear and unite against common threats in the future, that will be engineered to serve a purpose, as we know.


Outright sociopathic and unstable BPD bunny boiler Eleanor Williams ran rings around Cumbria Police for months on end with her sordid rape accusations.

Whilst Williams injured herself severely to feign the idea that she was raped, her lies are yet another portal into how gullible many police officers have become re accusations of sexual assault and rape. She only came undone because she kept on taking the false accusations further and further into the realms of fantasy fiction.

You need massive evidence these days to even get police to attend the scene of your home burglary, let alone investigate it properly, but cry rape and one of the men you accuse spends 73 days on remand.

At least three men attempted suicide after being accused by Williams, who had a small fortune raised on GoFundMe on her behalf.

She got 8.5 years in prison (which will end up being around four due to the crooked “serve half your sentence” madness of the UK system) but this is hardly for the win column.

Eleanor Williams’ real crime in the eyes of the system is that she thoroughly embarrassed the woke police higher-ups.

Had she known the limits of how far she could take things, the police probably would never have charged her.

From the Guardian, which I am deliberately avoiding linking to (article focuses on the Pakistani grooming gang false allegations, but largely ignores the White British men, including the young man who spent 73 days on remand):

It took a jury just three and a half hours to find Eleanor Williams unanimously guilty of perverting the course of justice. But one question they were never asked to consider is why she told so many lies. Why had she framed so many innocent men and what had happened in her past which might have contributed to her behaviour?
The trial offered few clues. She was the only defence witness and continues to maintain her innocence, though in an apologetic letter to the judge on Tuesday admitted having “done wrong on some of this”.
She said she “wasn’t thinking straight” when she made the Facebook post alleging abuse at the hands of an Asian grooming gang, having typed it when she had just been discharged from hospital.
She had been receiving treatment for the very injuries which prompted such a groundswell of public support when she posted photographs on Facebook – the black eye, the bruises, the severed little finger.
A forensic pathologist concluded that all of those injuries were self-inflicted, using a hammer Williams had bought from Tesco a few days earlier. But jurors may have been left wondering what on earth could cause someone to inflict such harm to themselves.

Akaky Akakievitch


British charity Oxfam released its Inclusive Language Guide, which, among other things, discourages staff from using the words “mother” and “father” across websites, media, and other forms of content.

The 92-page document has chapters on gender justice, sexual diversity, race, power, decolonization, women’s rights, feminist principles, physical and mental health, migration, and disability.

The guide tells staff to “avoid assuming the adoption of gendered roles by transgender parents.”

Oxfam says that the terms “mother” or “father” shouldn’t be used unless specifically preferred by the couple – and that the term “parent” should be used instead.


“The important principle here is to be inclusive in the broader sense by describing people as ‘parents,’ but if individual parents have a preference for a role name, to respect their choice.”

The guide also advises staff to avoid other offensive words and phrases, like “sex worker” instead of “prostitute,” “social norms,” “social beliefs,” or “collective beliefs” in place of “attitudes” or “behaviors,” “humankind” in place of “mankind” and “AFAB” and “AMAB” (assigned female/male at birth) instead of “biological male” and “biological female,” according to a report by The Telegraph.

The word “headquarters” should not be used as it “implies a power dynamic that prioritizes one office over another. In the context in which we work the implication is very colonial, reinforcing hierarchical power issues and a top-down approach.”

The guide also says that the term “minority ethnic person” should replace “ethnic minority” because it “places the emphasis on that ethnicity being a minority or having less power in a particular context, rather than the ethnicity itself being a minority.”

No comment...

Akaky Akakievitch

Great two part article from Occidental Observer, confirming a recent observation I had made while driving around the English countryside as part of a new job being on the road:

I kept asking myself, "Where are the peasants?" I know that I'm likely the weird exception here, asking these kinds of questions, but seriously, where are the peasant class of farmers in this country? I know that industry has taken away the need for a slave-like class of peasant hordes to farm the land day in and day out, but still one would expect even now a significant class of poorer field-workers visible, or living in less luxury in these countryside dwellings, rather than unbridled luxury that I keep on observing as I drive past stately mansions and large homes with modern technology in abundance.

After thinking about it for a while, I had come to the realisation that, besides the obvious improvements in electrification and technology, due to the Protestant reformation, and the subsequent quest for comfort and convenience that propelled the entire colonialist enterprise of the British Empire, that over the centuries this sort of peasant work seemed less and less desirable, and the English only wanted the luxurious fruits this world had to offer. There was obviously a significant underclass in the cities and urban areas through the industralisation of the 1800's, and there is still notably a "working-class" of sorts in this country (though the Welfare system and 21st century economics has blurred these boundaries a lot), but I could not say the same for the agircultural industry in this country. It is more of an after-thought now, and much of the tougher work involved there is outsourced to foreign immigrants anyway, instead of sourcing native labour. So the 'peasants' are still around I suppose but there are no English ones remaining it seems.

Recently we had the Qatar world cup, where we learned that the Qatari's are essentially VIP citizens propped up by a huge foreign labour class that supply all their public services, culinary industries and anything that requires physical labour, sweat or toil. I started to see the parallel between this elitist model and how the modern English/British ethos is constructed (we could say the same for America as well in many ways, perhaps). We've taken on the likeness of our financial overlords, i.e. the Jews, rather than maintain a connection with our spiritual roots, i.e. the Orthodox faith, and pursue labour as a means of attaining salvation. It seems that there is none of this sentiment remaining any longer, as people's faith in this country has become virtually non-existent.

The articles above expand upon my initial suspicions in much more detail and it's shocking how the author was making the same observations at the beginning of the first world war -- to think just how much it has degraded since that time one hundred years ago. The author even claims that "merry olde England" died shortly after the Reformation and experienced it's golden age during the Tudor/Elizabethan period, and has only ever been declining since that time.

Also when he distinguishes the Anglo-Saxons from the Normans who came later, this was very insightful and something that has probably decided our infighting and class warfare up to the present day. And it made me think of someone like Tolkien, who wrote his fantasy books with a great personal knowledge of Anglo-Saxon England, and through his Hobbit characters, was attempting to emulate and celebrate an old English/Anglo-Saxon archetype long extinct in its fullness, but still present in trace amounts, and something that distinguishes us from the rest of the world. Sadly I don't know if we'll ever reconnect with that down to earth, warm and humble spirit, as the Machine has overtaken all aspects of our lives, but perhaps with the Orthodox rennaisance that seems to be taking place right now, there is perhaps reason to bring this back into our national consciousness and bring others to the awareness of our true Englishness that stretches back beyond the Norman Conquest and into an England that was far more down to earth and cheerful, than the one we've come to experience today.


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We are tax slaves in the UK. Medieval peasants had a better life than most people nowadays.

Thanks to the industrial revolution, we don't need masses of people tending to farmland.

We're all peasants though in the sense that there are the rich, and then there is us. Even if you're a millionaire, you are still a peasant in the eyes of the monarchy and the government.


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@Akaky Akakievitch - One thing that has struck me, related to what you are saying, is the separation of lower and middle class. One of the main drivers of this is universityification - encouraging more and more people to go to university. My town has seen a stady working-classitisation. Every year 200-300 100+ IQ people leave and they are replaced with lower IQ people, who seem to skew towards people who've had a reason to leave where they came from. On the other hands, parts of cities are piling up with middle-class students, displacing working-class people.

It seems to me that a degree of separation is correct with the classes in terms of socialisation and marriage. If someone marries someone of another class it's always going to be something people notice and talk about. But I believe that the classes need to be in proximity in terms of social structure and work. The working-class require to work under the middle-class and be under their moral guidance. Neither of these are perfect, but it's better things are this way than not. And it seems to me that when on their own the middle class seem to disappear up themselves and are given to adopting stupid ideas. The working-class are some sort of grounding.

In particular it seems correct to me that many working-class work as servants. In this capacity they used to learn manners, punctuality etc.

Most of my ancestors lived rurally, up until recent times. At my grandmother's house there was no running water until the mid 80s. Water used to have to be fetched from a well about 300 meters away. There was an outdoor toilet in one of the fields. Many of the neighbours primaily spoke Welsh, whereas now you probably won't hear even a Welsh accent. Most of the former farm houses have been bought up by retirees from the cities and turned into highly priced homes. I remember hearing about one man who had no teeth, who lived in a small cottage (now worth maybe £400,000). I guess he was the last of the peasants.

It seems to me that the middle-class have a role to play in enforcing, fostering morality in the working-class. But if anything the working-class may now be a better example than the middle-class. They probably also have higher fertility than the middle-class. And I am sure that large numbers of working-class people are doing better at having a normal life. They seem to be, in many cases, more tapped into getting married, having children and advancing in a trade. Lots of uni grads are floaters who are like old infants. I know one guy who is only leaving university at 37 1/2 years old. He's only really starting to think of how he'll start a normal life, while there are brickes his age that have put close to twenty years down on a mortgage.

Quite simply, our hierarchy is an abomination.