Lauren Southern assaulted by transexuals

Lauren Southern ‏@Lauren_Southern 2h2 hours ago Vancouver, British Columbia
I was just assaulted in the streets for saying there are only two genders. Covered in piss lmao. 10/10 good day.
Lauren Southern ‏@Lauren_Southern 22m22 minutes ago Surrey, British Columbia
Hey all, I will try to get footage up tomo, but need to deal with legal stuff first b/c there was a small fight in the video.
Well Roosh got off easy by comparison. Seriously though this is outrageous.


General Stalin

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She's out there hitting the streets fighting the good fight. Getting pissed on so we don't have to. What a patriot.

Not all heroes wear capes.



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Stating biological fact is now grounds for assault.

We've really gone off the rails.


Here is the clip of it. The pouring happens towards the end, but the conversation as a whole is a fun watch.

One of the SJWs basically says...."We're gone past the point of science and psychology and there are somethings they can't see/explain"



If anything that Lauren, Milo, and Roosh are showing, it's that just because you're not a straight white male, doesn't mean SJWs won't go after you, despite saying they want to defend you.

Edit: And yes, WB.


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Girl in the purple jacket is cute WB if 18 and over.

Latan said:
I didn't think SJW could attack females.
They attack what hurts their feelings. Doesn't matter who or what. I bet their code of friendship is only if you agree with me. They rally around their anger and hurt feelings but if it consumes them I wonder what else they have in common. Are all the meals they have occupied by politics and SJW stuff?

Milo said in his video (the one that is dangerous) that many feminists are lesbians and that the biggest group of women getting raped/sexually assaulted are lesbians - per some government study that I assume exclude prisons. So it all sort of makes sense that theory of lesbian death bed where they have less sex over time than other relationships.

1) Lot of lesbians are SJWs
2) Probably consumed by anger, thin skinned and cannot handle other ideas - thus friends must be 100% loyal to them
3) Self consumed and obsessed by these issues - how do they form deep relationships outside themselves and SJW stuff?
4) Not deep relationships --->lesbian death beds

Just a random series of attempted connections on my part.

There was not one attractive girl there except for the purple jacket one. Hmmmmm...interesting...
Right in the beginning the SJW "You probably haven't ever been raped"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

"O me gawwwd... like you haven't EVEN BEEN RAPED ONCE!! NOT EVEN ONCE!!! How can you think you understand the world if you haven't even been raped just ONCE! You're not in the club, mate. You better start kissing a stranger real quick and then say "we shouldn't be doing this" and when he kisses you again, THEN you can claim you were raped and THEN we can talk on equal terms."

I think I'm slowly but surely reaching a point where the whole world is just turning so absurd, that I simply can't take reality serious anymore. It started with the new millenium and accelerated faster and faster until ever since summer 2015 I started constantly feeling like "this can't possibly be real".

Sorry guys, in my haste to post I mistakenly wrote that she was assaulted by transexuals. It was obviously one person, I don't think it was a transgender person. When the initial tweet was that someone dumped urine on her when she said there are two genders that's where I made the assumption.

Well good news is I'm now qualified to write for Rolling Stone.


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If the smoggy evenings on the upper terraces of the Estadio Azteca have taught me anything, it's the importance of carrying a bag of piss as an offensive weapon in case you encounter a gentlemen who disagrees with you.

Now, most people will tell you it's acceptable to carry only a single pissbag, perhaps a store brand with a mediocre closure, filled with watered down urine. And thats fine, I suppose, for your pedestrian disagreements. But to me, that's amateur hour. You might as well just shake their hand.

I say no less than two pissbags on your person at all times, held in the pockets of your Dockers cargo pants. Use premium double zip Ziplock brand- you want the the bag to remain closed upon launching, as well as remain closed until the peak of the impact force in order to get the best spread. And if You fill them with anything less post multivitamin/coffee/workout piss you're doing it wrong.


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As a female she gets more rope, more so than Milo who is a gay, but these SJWs still get flusterd and attack. It is all they know.

Imagine a dude saying what she said. He would last 3mins before a mob would.of ambushed him.

Lauren exposes these fools for what they are. They don't want to debate because they don't think. Always contradictory in what they say they always get put into illogical word dumps where they assume simply just spouting crap and attaching "feels" to it makes it true.

In the end High School prevails. Lauren gets peed on because these women view her as the popular blond in HS they never were, it is so obvious. The overload comes from this fact. A strong and confident woman who denounces all the fluff that it supposed to empower and give women strength.

These we're the low grade SJWs. The college educated bougie types won't go stand in the cold and rain for anything. They go let the dregs go do that.

Also telling is who nearly all SJW circles are white. It is something I see here also. They are not a diverse group and are not as inclusive as you think.


Deliberately provoking a live mob is not a good idea without a security detail. Things can go south very quickly and without warning.