Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act - just introduced in Senate

CNN reports: "Some more backdoor shuffling and sleight of hand for you good citizens of the NWO. Get angry! Get outraged! Get sick! Get tracked, always, forever and ever!"

Here's the bill: Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act.pdf

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US lawmakers have introduced the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act to ensure law enforcement can access encrypted information. This bill is “a full-frontal nuclear assault on encryption in the United States,” one expert says. It requires manufacturers of encrypted devices and operating systems to have the ability to decrypt data upon request, creating a backdoor requirement.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and U.S. Senators Tom Cotton and Marsha Blackburn introduced the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act on Tuesday. The new bill “would bring an end to warrant-proof encryption in devices, platforms, and systems,” the committee’s announcement reads.
Terrorists and criminals routinely use technology, whether smartphones, apps, or other means, to coordinate and communicate their daily activities,” Senator Graham said. He claims that law enforcement could not access “vital information” in many recent “terrorism cases and serious criminal activity” even after a court order was issued. Senator Cotton elaborated, “Tech companies’ increasing reliance on encryption has turned their platforms into a new, lawless playground of criminal activity,” adding:
“This bill will ensure law enforcement can access encrypted material with a warrant based on probable cause and help put an end to the Wild West of crime on the internet.”

Get ready to hide your spare hard drives, God knows they'd come and round you up for all those pictures you took while at your Uncle's BBQ where no one was wearing a mask.


"Crocker pointed out that the new bill “would give the Justice Department the ability to require that manufacturers of encrypted devices and operating systems, communications providers, and many others must have the ability to decrypt data upon request. In other words, a backdoor.”

The EFF attorney added: “The bill is sweeping in scope. It gives the government the ability to demand these backdoors in connection with a wide range of surveillance orders in criminal and national security cases, including Section 215 of the Patriot Act.” He warned, “Not only does the bill disregard the security of users, it allows the government to support its need for a backdoor with one-sided secret evidence, any time it feels a public court proceeding would harm national security or ‘enforcement of criminal law.'”

So basically its time to up the game a bit and either start a petition to declare this unlawful and unconstitutional, or learn to code better, and start making your own devices. This beast is getting hungry and no mass of bodies is enough to satiate it.


Here's a good article on it. Very scary stuff...

At its core, the LEAD Act is an encryption killer. It aims to require technology companies to build ‘back doors’ into their products to ensure that the government can remotely access your data, your device, and your life.


How can they do this....has PGP been cracked?

The solution really is simple. Don't use technology.
As with requirements in government systems in general, the requirement for the backdoor will override the requirement for actual, good encryption. In other words, either they'll use their own key instead of the key you supply (but keep that key around so they can produce a convincing illusion that your data is in fact encrypted using your key), or they'll store duplicate sets of your data using a government-friendly key.